Time again for another Family Fun Camping Adventure!!!

Once again, our destination of choice:

Yes, once again it's the time where you will find me hugging trees...... and shaking because I can't get any bars on my iPhone and haven't tweeted in 5 hours.

On the bright side, the weather forecast for the Region where we will be camping:

If you are new here, it is an ongoing family joke that we get horribly rained out every single time we camp.   And last year:  Fire Ban.   So no bonfires for smores.   But when we arrived?  Rain.
They lifted the fire ban the day we left.
Because of course.

So this year we can at least enjoy some night time bonfires.
I've already bought the Smores kit.
Hmmmmm.....only makes 36 S'mores.
Better buy another. 

Even though I won't be here....I'll still be here.   Sorta.
I won't be able to participate in my usual meme/hops, but I've planned a few posts - with a camping and family vacation theme for your reading pleasure.

To get you started, you can check out my Pinterest Camping Board.

Happy Trails!
Catch ya after the break.