WW is perfect time for some cuteness overload.

The Adventures of ZooZoo --  Even though she is an active 3 year old (who will be starting school in September!!), it still amazes me that despite our journey thus far:  there are still many "firsts"

early spring morning slide

cheese!!!! (first Easter hat)

1st Dairy Queen cone of the season!

First Year of Soccer

she still wanted the baby swing...but she is pumping her legs herself.  Yay!!

These aren't firsts, but rather "only" moments.  Meaning she is the only child home and gets The Mommy all to herself.

we see'd and saw'd at a local park

we dipped our feet in the kiddie pool to cool off 
And what's a day that doesn't end in sharing something sweet?!

yes, she's in PJ's ...which means: cupcake before bed.  some rules beg to be broken

 Always a pleasure getting some first and only time with my Mini Me.

See what other are not saying at Hilary's.