It's been awhile since I participated in a Blog Tag.

And I do apologize to those of you who have tagged me and are still patiently waiting... or cursing my delay in responding; whatever may be the case.   I do have them saved in my blog posts I may or may not ever get to  drafts folder.

It's the minions you know.
They prefer an entirely different kind of tag - mostly the "pick up my socks, toys, crayons as you chase me" kind of tag.
I gotta say -- it's not really as fun as it might sound.

But when I saw the title "Five Things That Tickle My Fancy" over at Lucy's Reality AND my name tagged at the bottom of her great list --- I couldn't pass this one by.
Similar to Lucy, naturally such things as God, Family, Friends and chocolate are the givens at the top of such a list, so I'll stick with the not so obvious.

1.  Music

If you've been following me awhile, you will have notice the Monday Music Moves Me posts.
To say "I love music" is a bit of an understatement --- my life has a soundtrack.   It is almost always playing in the background during dinner preparation, cleaning, sitting outside, the car, on a walk or any kind of exercise.  I even play classical when I read sometimes.  It is There. Always.

Naturally what is playing depends on the mood or activity, thus you will find almost anything on my iPod.   I've also recently purchased some vinyl records and am looking for an actual record player.
For those of you too young to remember,  my first vinyl back in the day.

I still love, love that sound.
It just sweeps away the dust of life, ya know?

As per that little widget, if you want to know what I am listening to, Follow me at This is My Jam.

2.   Beauty is Skin...and wallet, deep.

Like Lucy, I am such a whore sucker for a good beauty product.   Now, I cannot be swayed by promises of looking 10 years younger for the one time low price of ....... I believe in other miracles. 
However, if you put it in a pretty, funky, cool package - imma gonna buy dat shish.

One of my all time favourites is barely available in Canada, unless you live in a bigger city, but you can order from Sephora.    Behold Benefit!

3.  Necklaces

This is my thing:  cool and interesting necklaces.   And I am not really into the whole "bling, bling" thing (except for my late grandma's pearls), I opt for something unique and original.    I normally wear the same one for quite a few months -- basically until it falls off.   Then I go searching for a new one.   It can be beads, shells, crosses, Celtic knots, my fancy.

My current one is whalebone shaped into a seashell inspired musical note.   Kinda like this one to the left.

It was a gift....I would probably not purchase whalebone myself, not knowing the whole "ethics" or responsible harvesting of such material first hand.

My necklace was purchases at an store that only features organic products, or those made available via Fair Trade.

All this being said,  should Left Brain wish to buy me this 10th Anniversary Necklace (right) , I shall not complain.

4.   Movies.  
Flicks. Popcorn, silent, FX loaded, or Documentary.   I'll watch it.
     I love everything about them.   I don't just watch...I live.  Inhale them.   Ever since I took some film courses my mind doesn't just take in the action on the screen, one side of my brain is also thinking such things as:  why a pan shot there Director?   So effective how Director has used the lack of lighting to convey the inner darkness within the character.   Yeah....that kind of thing.

I keep it to myself though.   Unless with like minded buffs.
And speaking of buff:   Believe me, if we are watching The Avengers, you know I can also talk Jeremy Renner Arm Porn All.Day.Long.

For the record, that's a pan shot track in to close up. 

5.   Nature....she's glorious!

Right now nothing makes me happier than watching one of my blooms come to life!
We've already been visited by bees and butterflies.....not to mention the chipmunk that keeps eating my spring bulbs.   Donald Duck -- I feel your pain.

Today's Instagram Garden Shot:

Now if I can only attract some hummingbirds'll be like my own Disney Princess woodland scene in my backyard.
 Left Brain's got the princely arms, and I am pretty sure I can get at least one of the minions to sing for me.

 I'm going to tag 5 bloggers, but as always, playing is optional. 

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If anyone else wants to join in --- tickle yourself pink and go ahead.