Another rainy, cold day here.
Days have been spent trying to convince the minions that we have NOT in fact bypassed summer, and gone straight to Fall.

Rest assured my dears; there's still plenty of warm, sunny beautiful days ahead for you to drive your mother crazy enjoy the great outdoors.

I put the 2 loudest complainers on the bus and then took the littlest Who to our Thursday morning mama's coffee chat play date.   Then I took her to McDonalds to bounce around the Playroom for an hour ....or maybe 2.     Since it is raining outside, and what do you know?   They serve coffee there too!

When the going gets tough, or rainy.......that's how I roll folks.

Today's prompt is: Roll

Since I have started a new fitness regime, I am definitely avoiding this type of roll:

Although......does go great with coffee!

And when I think of "rocking and rollin" ---  I don't mean this:

but rather this:

Recently Canada got rid of the penny.
We barely notice it gone; but it does raise interesting questions:

1) who gets to roll all those useless coins now out of circulation?
2)  does this also mean our luck will soon run out?

Our weekly ladies coffee chat is always a great time for some sharing and discussion about all manner of things that concern us women, moms, wives, friends, etc.    Often since we are all moms, the topic is centered on parenting issues.    And honestly, the sharing of ideas and information is truly great.  It's a wonderful way to feel bonded and connected to others in similar life situation as yourself.  And I love that we can all support and assist one another through any trials or conflicts.

But today, in the midst of a discussion about this article, which saw none of us really in agreement (which is fine), I just had this striking thought:

AAAAAAAGGGHGHGHH!!  I don't wanna think anymore!  This is too much.   Isn't it?   Are we just over thinking everything as parents now?  Do we have to second guess Every Single Action?
To the point that we don't discipline or correct a child's actions because it might upset them, or hurt their feelings?   

(and in the context of the article, the fact that the wife/mother has undermined the husband/father in front of their child, which is another issue entirely.)

To be fair, I had mixed feelings about the article in that moment, but was also responding in a cumulative manner as well.   Years of parental debates over coffee about how best to raise, handle, control, enjoy our children.......while our children ran a-muck unchecked nearby. 

I think I may just be debated and thought out.
I'd just like to continue on confident in my abilities as a parent, and with the full knowledge that many days I will screw up.   But you know what?  I don't wanna beat myself up about it anymore.  Enough already.   I will always strive towards my very best, and I trust that My Maker gave me all the tools I need to do this parenting job.   And that overall, love will always abound in my home.

So you know what?   I don't want to see another How To article, or join a debate for a good span of time.

Imma just gonna roll with it.
Ya know?