Good Morning Monday!

Let's get the week off to a great start with some good tunes.
Okay,'s the same tune.  repeated.

But since this weeks' theme is Freebie, I can do what I want.
And what I really want, is to Feel Good.

*What I can't do unfortunately, due to a visit with my mom AND a PA day from school, is participate in 2 memes today.   If you want to see some beauty lists:  go here and visit Stasha at The Good Life. *

XmasDolly, Conductor of this Musical trip with co-conductors Callie of JAmerican Spice, Stacy of Stacy Uncorked, Cathy of Cathy Kennedy’s Blog and introducing our Honorary Co-Conductor for the month of June is our very own NAILA MOON (APPLAUSE) of Just the Stuff You Know.  Thank you very much to Becca for serving last month! (APPLAUSE-HUGS),  It’s Time to ROCK THIS PLACE & get this TRAIN rollin’!  We’re eager for your train to arrive so we may follow you to the next stop & hear your tunes!

It's a New Day, a new Week, the sun is shining.......and I am feeling good!

And as far as I am concerned, the gold standard:

Which version has you feeling good?

And if you really want your mind blown.....what did you do at 13 years of age?
This girl is AMAZING!