Welcome to Muggy Monday!
If anyone has a great joke about humidity -- I'd love to hear it.
But sorry - it's too hard to think of something funny when you have that lovely sweat pool in your bra.

Sorry for the ewwwww image.

I'll try and redeem myself.

Just remember: when it comes to photos:  I am no Stasha.
She's not just good at lists ya know.

we are sharing photos this week. Favorite photos you took in fact.

And I am going to make it easy on your eyes.....and blog loading time.

I give you:   Best Rory Pics Collage
(click to enlarge)

From top left to bottom left:

1.   A selfie.   Also, nice job on the boobies.

2    One of my fave shots of the minions, complete with Bob Marley quote.  because of course.

3.   Bee on flower taken with my iPhone 3 which has no flash and I didn't know how to zoom.  So I am That Close.

4.   Garden shot.   Which since my overhaul yesterday:  is now a "Before" shot.  I don't have the "After" shot yet.   See aforementioned humidity.

5.    The Minions Captured.   They seem to be in some sort of trouble.   Except ZooZoo who is naturally saying, "It wasn't me."

6.    A Wedding Shot:  Left Brain in dress uniform and me in my bridal gown on a horse.   That's how we roll.

7.   Milkweed up close.   This is one of my fave nature shots.   It was taken with my old crappy cell phone.   But it did at least have a flash and easy zoom function.

8.   A beautiful night sky I managed to capture on my iPhone.  Love love love the colours.

9.    Flexible me in my high chair.   Obviously I didn't take this one - since, not that flexible.

10.   Norman Reedus in a kilt.   You're welcome.   (also not taken by me...since clearly, I'd still be there.)

Capture anything interesting lately?