Since I don't usually let my Freak Flag Fly around here very often -- having 2 readers in da house and all; you normally get the semi-clean, somewhat watered down version of me.

That mom?
Yeah.....she's not here today.   She's probably doing another load of laundry, filling the kiddie pool, or baking something with almost too black bananas.

Her alter ego...the one that sometimes says "fuck" (pardon my French) and sometimes drinks too much wine:  she wanted to come out and play.   I do try to keep her in check most of the time for the sake of the minions.  

But every now and then?
You just gotta fly that feckin flag!

*In case you haven't caught on, this will NOT be a normal Rory post.  You may not like Royal Rory at all.  You've been warned.*

 Go visit The Queen in her castle if you want to play the Royal Freaky version of Fill Ins.

 1.  I woke up this morning only to find my youngest screaming her bloody head off at her older sister. I am fairly certain it was ass crack of dawn...but since I went from full on sleep to full on run in 1.7 seconds....I didn't check the damn clock.

2. As I jumped out of bed and ran for the stairs in my underwear, I noticed, the boy was quietly playing Lego in his room undisturbed by the sounds of his sisters beatin da shit outta each other.

3. Later when the phone rang it was Left Brain sending me a text asking me to take steak out to BBQ for dinner.  Because that was the most pressing damn thing on my agenda at the moment.  Hell yeahWhat's for Dinner?  Whoop Ass....big ole can.

4.  Finally after calmly asking WTF is the problem?  I found out that......*deep breath*  little sister wanted to play Hungry Hippos (yes, at 7 am) and big sister was trying to watch a cartoon and don't you know that Hungry Hippos is like the nosiest feckin game ever?  and then little sister stood in front of the TV, prompting bigger sister to yell that she was BLOCKING THE DAMN TV and get out of the way to which little sister screaming of NNNNOOOOOOO commenced.  I believe this is when eldest - boy, left the room.  And also when littlest Who firmly planted those feet directly in front of  Strawberry Shortcakes' latest berry bitchin' good tale and refused to budge; prompting big sister to hit her over the head with aforementioned Hungry Hippos.   Not a brilliant plan since it only caused Littlest Who to scream all the louder while standing stunned: still in front of the TV.  *exhale, look for sharp instrument to cut self with*

5.  So I very promptly shut the TV off and with my calmest tone (of course, because that is the voice you use when pulled from sleep by blood curling screams) told big sister to apologize to little sister, and told them to both get straight away to their rooms for a cool down period (i.e. time for mama to recoup her senses...and damn hearing), and that I did not want to hear one sound until I came to get them!

At which point I naturally crawled back into bed, and the only sound heard was oldest boy heading down the stairs to reclaim the TV.  In silence. 

Which only proves that old proverb half true:   ear-raping squeaky wheels get sent to their rooms without any breakfast, but the 2nd mouse -- gets the cheese.
Or some sort shit.  whatever.

There's not enough coffee or tea in the kingdom today your Highness.

 Go on....let your inner Freak out to play.