My kids are complaining about their lack of air time on the blog lately.

Geee.... you'd think that fact that I clothe, feed, wipe their noses, butts, bloody noses and hug them occasionally was enough.

Nay, Nay....they all want their 15 minutes like Hawkeye, Frodo and Daryl Dixon.

Well since Mother's day and my birthday draw near they are such good little children -- even if they cannot hit a bulls-eye while leaping off a building, destroy a ring, or kill zombies --  here's what they've been up to lately.

Just forward that Mother of The Year award asap.
Monkey Boy ---- earning his namesake

Angel Girl with her first bloomin tulip

ZooZoo ice cream - and yes, she screams

I've been nurturing other things besides children:

Primrose and almost opened periwinkle bloom (vinca)

 On a final note, I want to express my thanks to my children for finally obeying a small request -- to rewind the toilet paper back onto the roll if you should accidentally roll it all out on the floor.

kudos on the excellent knot tying as well kiddos.

well played.
Now, let's all working on the wiping part too.

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