I don't know what other moms think is the perfect way to spend their Mother's day..

but I find my zen in my garden.

And I am so intent on finding my zen in that place, that I will not even be deterred by a silly old rain storm.

Besides, the wind and rain keep the bugs away.

Silver lining -- there's always one.

Enjoy the Zen.

My lilac tree is in full bloom.  Apologies to allergy sufferers.

pink geranium in my favourite planter

purple nettle and red with yellow centre primrose
*also that is not grass growing between my flowers, but a plant called Star Of Bethlehem that will have a white star flower bloom from the centre soon.  I promise, I do weed as necessary.*

lungwort, pink primrose, purple violets, iris yet to bloom and NOT thistles:  poppies

blue periwinkle (vinca vine), grape hyacinth, and more primrose

close up periwinkle and primrose

white trilliums (don't bust me....I paid for the bulbs!)

pink primrose

 And that's how my garden grows so far.
Also, a little peek at some stuff the kids did for Mother's Day/Birthday.
some of the plants in the garden were also picked by them.

the glass jar is gorgeous in the light.  so many colours. 

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