Good day and welcome to Coffee Chat!!

Since there are no rules this weekend, let's get right to Chatting.

Random Thoughts.  Now is your chance to just say whatever is on your mind.  

This past weekend was a holiday weekend here in Canada.
So, rain.

But we didn't let it hold us back.
I still did my garden -- in a rain storm.
Was nice not having to drag the hose around the yard.
That's my silver lining.
Also, no bugs.

When the sun did grace us with its presence for a spell, I took the kids on a nature walk.
They love to walk in the woods and along the river in our town.
Enjoy the beauty.

Left Brain is on holiday  -- so of course he was finally finishing that shower I've been waiting for a couple of years.  Remember this post -- and do note the date.

 I am happy to report that while I was walking the kids through the forest and over waterfalls.....he almost finished it!!

Photo: Shower tiled!  Finally!

And no:  there is nothing wrong with the pattern.   Nothing at all.
First rule about tile patterns is......we don't talk about shower tile patterns.
I have a second shower -- well, once the doors go back on.
that's my silver lining.

Despite the rainy holiday, we did have friends over for BBQ on Sunday.
It did kind of suck that we couldn't sit outside and look at my pretty new fresh flowers.
but we had a great visit still.
Oh...and they brought donuts.
Silver Lining WITH sprinkles.   Awesome.

So basically just a relaxing holiday weekend.  Which is odd because looking back it seems that we were actually very busy with walking, company and tiling.  sorta.

So now it's time to sit back and relax with a cold one.  Maybe snuggle on the couch together.
Perhaps Left Brain will watch another episode of The Walking Dead.
He's been watching at the rate of about 1 show, a week?
(fangirling is completely lost on Left Brains.)
The next season starts in October.
He has three seasons to get caught up on.

OMG honey.....Get There Faster.

So what did we watch?

Silver Linings  Playbook.

See what I did there?

NEXT WEEK:   As in previous years, next week will be the LAST CHAT until September.   I normally stop the chat each summer because I find participation starts to dwindle.  And rightly so if this is your chance to enjoy the Great Outdoors.   So let's make that our topic.   What's your favourite thing to do in The Great Outdoors during the summer?