Good day all and welcome to the Coffee Chat.
You will have to forgive me because as I write this it is almost 1:30 am.

Yes, tomorrow will hurt a little bit.   I'll survive.

Because I am not going to complain - the reason I up so late is because I had a great birthday!
But by the time I finished my birthday dinner and cake, and returned from the movies (Iron Man 3 - pretty awesome!!).....I opened up my computer and was a bit stunned to find over 100 emails awaiting my attention.

All birthday wish notifications from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

In a nutshell -- my cup runneth over and I am blessed beyond measure with good friends in all my most treasured spaces.  So whether you know me as family, a friend from high school, the play date centre, church or from the Bloggyverse:   thank you each and every one who enriches my life in more ways than I could possibly share in this one post.

You are awesome.

On to the chat.
Because I really am very tired and hope this post will make some sort of sense.

What is the most joyous thing about being a mother?   What is the hardest?   Feel free to give a shout out for your own dear mama.

The most joyous thing is pretty easy:   simply THEM. 
Meaning those little minions that drive me crazy most days.  Life simply would not be the same without them.   Yes, they can make me see stars, or want to spit mud, and just get so dog-gone mad sometimes.   But then, one of them says something like:

Mama, Mama, Mama.....because they can never say it once have such pretty hair.   Not like Rapunzel pretty hair cause yours is brown and shorter  and doesn't have any flowers in it, but still so pretty.  and soft too.  I feel happy when I touch it.  I love you and your pretty hair mommy.   and you make good cookies too.   I like that.  that makes me happy too.

or something like that.  

But the point, and as tired as I am I am pretty sure I have one:  is the simplicity with which they see the world and express their emotions about it.   Love is like pretty, soft hair.    The pure honesty of it just blows my mind.   How something like baking cookies is everything to them in One Small Moment.    Yet, it's Just So Big Too.

They wake me up in the morning normally.   (hopefully not tomorrow morning please.)  And I will want 5 more minutes.   But the world doesn't get put on hold for them.
Nay, Nay.

Mama, Mama, Mama....(sigh).....the mama robin is on the lawn and she got a worm and I bet she's gonna feed it to her new babies.  Mama, mama, mama.....get up! you gotta see mama bird feed the worm to her babies.   She's a good mom bird mama -- just like you when you feed us!!  But not worms because we like Fruit Loops best.   come on mama.

Eye opens:  7 am.
Crap.  I guess the early bird Does Get The Worm.

And you get up.  because of course.
It's a mama bird feeding her baby birds.   As a mom you get that and for one brief moment as you stare out the kitchen window at the wondrous sight -- you imagine a silent exchange of the briefest nod of understanding between you and that mama bird.

And despite a yawn that threatens to crack your face in two -- you gather your little ones under your mama wings.....and watch.  Just let that moment be what it is. 

These Small's what I live for. 
It's my great privilege to witness them.
It's my great hope that they will expand and grow into even bigger moments one day.

Now the hardest?

That's easy too.  Time.
Finding the time to do and be everything I want, need, aspire, dream, be as a mom.
And as a wife.   And as.....Just Me.
The blog title is no accident.
The best gift you could give me on Mother's Day or my birthday; is time.

(and yes I did get some:  expect garden pictures soon.)

I gave up the whole idea of "supermom" a long time ago.
I darn near cracked under the pressure, and let's face it -- I don't look good in cape.
also tights.

 I don't want to be perfect.
What's more -- I don't want THEM to think that they have to be perfect.

It may sound contrary to my purpose, but I want them to make mistakes. 
To maybe take the wrong path just once so that they can figure out for themselves:
 Hey -- that's not right.  I need to change this.
And then feel empowered when they realize they can.
How else will they grow and learn if I protect them from everything.   Do everything for them?

So I don't manipulate time anymore.
I just try to do the best with the time I've been given.
Try to make it count.
And if I falter?
Well -- that's why we fall -- so we can learn to get back up again.

Time and chance does happen to each one of us.

And sometimes, you get really lucky and wishes come true: and time is even on your side.
Make the most of it.
Grab onto those thinly woven threads and hold on -- and sometimes, Just Linger.

And always have good hair.
It's very important I'm told.

P.S   I've been a little scarce around the blogs the last month and not participating as much in some memes, etc.  The reason is due to a health situation for a family member, of which is great concern.   It is not myself, Left Brain or one of the kids.....and I won't go into detail just yet; but if you are the praying sort, please keep us in mind.  Thanks and Blessings to you.
NEXT WEEK:  Random Thoughts.   Now is the chance to have your say about whatever is on your mind.  No rules.