Good Day to y'all and happy Tuesday Coffee Chat!

I've had a pretty good weekend (Party!) and a pretty good start to the week too with a surprise visit from my mom.....   you can read all about it here on our lists we did together.

Now, that list is about the things in life you love that are totally FREE.
Because as the saying goes.... the best things in life are free.

Now dear chatters, this should not be confused with any list you might be making here today on the chat.

Because the second famous saying really should be

.....the second best things.... cost a whole lot of money.

Did I mention it's my birthday soon?

 It's My Birthday!! (May 13th):  Let's see how well you know Rory, dear Readers.   What are you getting me for my special day?   Where would send me for a day out of the house?

 Well I won't say much, aside from dropping a few little hints.

Which I am very used to doing because I am married to a Left Brain, and unless I want another kitchen appliance,  it pays to be specific.

And poor Left Brain.  He gets hit with Mother's Day on Sunday.   And then my birthday on Monday.

So you can really help the man out....because he does have trouble picking out TWO gifts.
notice the emphasis. 
and by that, I do mean you Left Brain.

Now that the sun is shining -- 26 Celsius today folks!  (78 degrees in American), I love to be in my garden.   So, please for one day, I would just like to be a dirty girl.

everything is coming along nicely thus far this spring:
Am I  the only girl who wants dirt and flowers as a gift?

Course, the garden is always a lovely place to sit with a good book, so any recommendations are always helpful.   Or one of these since I have an eReader around here somewhere:

If I am sitting reading in my garden, I will of course require some of this. 
Okay fine...a lot.

 Now, if it is raining on my birthday -- which is not all together unlikely given that it is spring right now.   Well, you know the fangirl in me would be completely happy to just veg all day in front of the TV with my fave movies and TV shows.

That may sound lame to some...since there is a great big whole world out there.
Well then.....why didn't you say money was no option? you know how often a stay at home mom of 3 with a shift worker husband gets to just sit all day and do Nothing?!

yeah that.
so imma gonna eat a roll of cookie dough and veg on my birthday if I want to.

I will of course be wearing this:

 I'll be honest folks, this year for my birthday,  I think my goal is to just to succeed in a look that is as unacceptable for public appearance as possible.

Hey, I hear dirty is in.
A billion fan girls can't be wrong.
True dat Mr. Steven Yeun.   but you did beat a zombie while tied to a chair.  close 2nd

I think these are all pretty simple requests.  Not too hard to achieve or expensive to purchase.
Basically, what they all boil down to is one thing:  TIME.

Just like that blog title up there, all I ever want is Time to do the things I enjoy, to recharge my batteries, so I can return to my truest love of family; ready, willing and able to be what they need me to be.

yeah, that all sounds pretty good to me.

Or you know, a cat. 

So what do you think will help this tired mama get her much needed "time" on her special day?

NEXT WEEK:   The next chat is right after Mother's Day.   What is the most joyous thing about being a mother?   What is the hardest?   Feel free to give a shout out for your own dear mama.