Good day and welcome to Coffee Chat.

As the Sneak Peek mentioned, this will be the last Coffee Chat until the end of summer.
I normally suspend the chat because once the weather is nicer out, people tend to go out in said nicer weather: and spend less time in front of the glare of a computer screen.

So of course; in the last 2 weeks we've had an earthquake, a bad storm, some snowflakes, frost and below average temperatures.

Because, of course.
I had just completed the spring overhaul on my flower beds and planted my annuals.

But today the sun graced us with its warm face and not all was lost.
I am actually thinking this is the best my garden will have looked since the complete overhaul I did 2 years ago.
I am very much looking forward to sitting out on my deck and enjoying the view.

LAST CHAT until September. 

I close the chat down each summer because I know most of you, like me, would rather spend the time with your family, or on vacation, and just enjoying The Great Outdoors.
What is your favourite thing to do in the Great Outdoors during the summer?

As I have already mentioned, one of my favourite things is to be in my garden.   I am either weeding, watering or moving things around.  Since it drives Left Brain crazy when I do that to the furniture in the house.   I move plants and flowers outside instead.

So far all the experimenting and hard work have paid off.

creeping phlox

another primrose
and a collage I did with some a newly added Instagram photo-editing app.

bleeding heart, forget me not, and daisies
In, or nearby my garden seeking some zen time is where you are most likely to find me during those quieter moments of the summer.

But as a family unit:  we are campers.
We love to camp as much as possible in the summer.

Yes...with 3 kids.
Don't worry -- I have a Left Brain.   very handy in situations of 3 hours campsite setup.

Last year we borrowed a tent trailer from friends, but they will be using it this year at the same time so it is back to tenting for us.

Although, given that Left Brain'd person's latest purchases:  I fear we are tripping dangerously over into "Glamping".


Shorthand for glamorous camping; luxury camping.

Camping cots for the kids.  Check

Granted, we always get rained out it seems, so beds off the ground is actually a must for us.

And as if an entire screened in kitchen tent is not enough, we got a whole darn kitchen now:

Oh yes, believe.
When a man wants to grill --- he wants to grill!!
And for me?   2 sinks.    Oh happy day...  *eye roll*

Even though we already have a tent, he's now got his eye on this one:
13 x 9 and with a hinged door!

A hinged door people!!!

I am thinking these lanterns will go really nice:

 Make it happen honey!

 What are you going to make happen this summer in the Great Outdoors?

Well, whatever you do, always remember:  Safety First!