As you can probably tell, I am enjoying Left Brain's holidays by spending lots of time.....Not here.

Oh, I am peeking in here and there, and from time to time.
But for the most part I am sleeping in staying unplugged somewhat.


I cannot seem to undo the leash attached to my iPhone.

We're all infected, right?

Today's prompt is: Leash

Our host Brenda thought of this prompt while walking her adorable little dog - Wants it! - Trixie today.

Alright then.  I'm going with the theme.

I am the one.   I did it.

I let the dogs out.

hot dog hot dog hot diggity dog

Now I have never actually put my children on a leash when out -- even with "all those kids" trailing behind me  *side eye*
And not having  a dog, I cannot answer as to whether dogs like a leash anymore than my children would.    But it is a necessary thing to keep your dog, and others, safe.

I would think that no matter --  dogs are just like the rest of us and happy to just Go Out:

Woof, woof.

Yeah, what he said.