This bright and sunny Saturday morning finds me scrambling around my house getting ready to leave said house.

Always problematic when also watching 3 children.

Naturally, I kicked them out into the Great Outdoors while I primped myself.

I noticed my neighbours promptly went indoors.

Mama has a party to get ready to attend and there shall be no Sharing of The Bathroom!

A party you say?

I just noticed that my blog had passed 100,00 views!

Nay. Nay.
That's not what the party is about.
It's not actually all about me....always.

My aunt and uncle are celebrating their 25th Wedding Anniversary today.

And because that IS a big deal in today's world, I am primping and yelling at my kids to leave me alone and I don't know where the bubble wands are go look for them and painting my toenails because Yay! summer shoes, and doing all this before a 2 hour drive one way to get to the party and fielding questions from my lovely mother in law about Instagram settings (which of course leads to a 10 minute sidetrack into looking at All the Pictures in my feed).........and the phone rings

because of course.

It's my mom.   Letting me know that kids are allowed to attend the party.


 Yeah that.
Start the car honey.