My favourite meme turns 100 today!!

Why I remember when it was just a little ball in the big bloggy playroom full of balls.  I think it has always been the biggest ball on the court. 
Soon as it dropped right into our bloggy laps.

Happy 100th Listmaster Stasha!!
So happy to have been hanging around with you for the past 2 years!
Is saying I'm tickled pink going too far?

And if you don't get all those references..... you need to write a Listicle.

1.  It goes without saying, each week I write my Listicle and like any good writer hit that spell check icon before I hit "Publish":   just for a second I am sooooo tempted.   Just to see if anyone notices.

Thus far, I've resisted.  That's me folks -- keepin it clean.

2.   It goes without saying, Monday Listicles is way more fun than actual real life lists of actual stuff to do.

3.  It's challenging to think of great lists every week.  But it is a great excuse to get your FanGirl on.  I can fit it into any topic you give me.....  Oh, you like  Corn Pops,  fluffy pink unicorns, and The Walking Dead too?

4.   Lists keep you organized.  No doubt about it.

Um....anyone got a spare pen?  
Also, paper?

5.   Your lists have brought me all The Feels.   I've laughed, cried, snorted coffee all over my keyboard.  Pinned All the Stuff and Things.   I love that about y'all.

6.   The best part, I don't just make lists.  I often get to show my work too!
      List topic:  What is your superpower?     A:  I can grow things.

but no lying down on the job mom!
and other stuff too:

I give a Phlox!

7.  Left Brain often ends up looking like Da Man on my lists.   And ooppsss.....I'm doing it again.

I finally have the shower in my second bathroom done!!
See everyone....if you just nag remind them enough.....eventually it will get done.
(perhaps I should have put it on a list)
Awesome job though Left Brain.   Now I want to get dirty.  
because you know.....the flower growing thing.  right.

8.  It cannot be denied, you meet some truly fabulous people on the Listicles trail.   Each Monday morning is like walking into your favourite local coffee shop and being greeted by your best mates.

9.  Let's face it --- each Monday ----  all the cool people are HERE.  

10.   Simply. Stasha.
      And there we stop.

 Just for you my dear:

I may be your biggest FanGirl!
In a totally non creepy stalkerish way of course.