Happy Monday!

I survived the party on Saturday night.
Actually, it is more amazing that I survived the day After the party.. alone with the kids all day.

Once again, to the backyard with all of you while mommy sits at the kitchen table mainlining coffee while smiling and waving through the window.

Again dear neighbours....very sorry.

And now my mom has surprised us with a visit, so of course....Wine!!
Also, some girlie time gabbing and watching Once Upon a Time.

The best things in life certainly are free.

Kristi Gilbert @therobotmommy

@NorthWestMommy Stasha, have you done the ten things that you love that cost nothing yet? I got a whole bunch for that one!


1.   Coffee delivered.   Whether by Left Brain to my bedside, or one of my BFF's who just drops one off to the house for no reason at all.    No money and no effort on my part.  If you are lucky enough to have someone so wonderful in your life, make sure you tell them what kind of donut you prefer too how much you appreciate them.

2.  Hugs.  Hugs are the best.  Finding someone who is a good hugger is golden.

3.  Laughter.  Just.Do.It
     I'll get you started:

The Laughing Housewife

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4.   Flowers.  If they were sent to you - then Free!   If you grow them yourself, you only pay once....but the best is when  you are walking in the woods and discovery  a beauty growing wild.
(to my daughters:  no, those bright yellow ones on the lawn don't count.)

5.  The techno blogger in me loves finding the perfect "gif"

for you non-Walking Dead is anyone else but Daryl Dixon in it? fans:

6.  Sing a Song.    Yes, I know iTunes costs, but..... shower = no cover charge!  just sayin.

7.  A used book.  Well worn cover, yellowed pages, slight musty smell = perfection.

8.  Sunshine.    It's a Canadian thing.   For about 5 months.

9.  Friends.  To clarify, Good Friends; since bad ones will cost you dearly in immeasurable ways.   But if you got loyal and true friends, you're pretty darn rich.

10.   Love.   Surprisingly, it really don't cost a thing.

      But mostly....it's that it can just be surprising.

Perfection.  Right.There

        Since my mom was here....and you know, All The Wine, you also get a list from her.

1.   the smell of fresh cut grass or hay
2.   the sound of a child's laughter
3.   the coo of a  mourning dove
4.   a rainbow
5.   a small hand holding mine
6.   the smell of fresh baked bread
7.   sleep
8.   a drink of cold water on a hot summer day
9.  holding a newborn baby
10.  the night sky filled with stars

Wow - nailed it mommy!!    I am well chuffed that my mom can rock the Listicle.

I know,  you're all thinking I'm adopted.   Ha.

Yay, yay granted.
But just wait until I show her that Tumblr even has spots reserved for this gentleman:

Tree and apple folks.
Another great free thing in life.