I am a little late getting to the Friday statement filling in fun.

We had a bit of excitement around here this morning.
An actual earthquake hit my little town -- or rather, very near.

I was in the shower at the time and the whole tub shook.....

....so of course I had to Tweet about it: 

I really hate it when you are in the shower and the whole tub moves and shakes.

You've been quoted in my story "Earthquake hits Eastern Ontario, Ottawa region"

Natural Resources Canada seismologist John Adams said the first quake was 5.2 magnitude and about 18 kilometres northeast of Shawville, Que.
The second quake came 10 minutes later from the same location and registered at 4.1 magnitude, said Adams.

 On to Hilary's weekly statements!
This week’s co-host is Pickles from Purrfectly Pickles who came up with the last two statements!   Also, Hilary REALLY NEEDS CO-HOSTS, so send your own statements to her at:


 This week’s statements:

1. I can really use a massage and hot bath right now.   I turned around today and felt something pull along my neck.  I can't turn  my head.    
I have a boo-boo.    Send chocolate.   Also, wine.

2. I like to putter away in  my garden.   I rearrange flowers like some people do their furniture.

3. The color of the sky right now is black as it is after 10 pm.

4. I get annoyed at tell-tattle kids because of the All The Telling of Everything All The Time.
Go away Informer -- I'm a SAHM and have no money to pay you for your services.


 This weekend is the Big Long Weekend -- "2-4" holiday in Canada.

 And yes, "24" means exactly what you might think it means - and I am not talking hours in a day.

God Save The Queen and Party On Eh.