So that screech and holler of "wait, wait.....who's on holidays?" that you heard?

That would be Left Brain.
Who technically, officially, on holidays.  Right Now.

Which, as I say that,  my internal dialogue goes something like this:

yeah!!  I don't have to get up and do breakfast, make the lunches, pack the school bags, get the children dressed, wait for the bus, watch the youngest the rest of the day (or 2 youngest depending on the day), I can sleep in!!  blog from bed!  have time to Skype friends.  Also from bed......Pin all The Things!!!

It is Mother's Day on Sunday AND my birthday on Monday after all.
Which is exactly why he takes this time off each year.

yeah, he's great, isn't he?

And don't worry....I won't be that slacker on him.

Gee...I already raked and bagged all the leaves.  And I even brought the garbage to AND from the curb. 

The man will have lots of spare time..... shop for my gifts.
Note the plural honey.   Tis two holidays for me. 


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This week’s co-host is UTLEY  from UTLEY’S TAKE– He came up with the last two statements!

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This week’s statements:

1. If a mother just sinks into a nice hot bath then is when all the children will have to pee.

No Matter What Time of Day It Is.
True story.

2.  Summer  is my favourite time  of the year.     Yes, I realize that is also when the children are also here All The Hours.   But you know, if you hide seashells, rocks and marbles in the sandbox and tell them to hunt for treasure?

They will.
For hours.

3. Once, I was surprised to find myself  kayaking off the coast of Cuba and I was all like, WOW this is so awesome and beautiful, but then I realized I was stuck in the middle of swarm? herd? school? of jelly fish and I was all like, man - this sucks. also, Ouch!    And then a big sea turtle surfaced but I thought it was a shark and then I was all...... okay, good feelings gone.

The ocean hates me.

4. To keep from going crazy, I nothing.  Why would I want to stop that?   I often think the only way to stay to go a little crazy every now and then.

or you know, just listen to some music. 
And dance.   Like it's your birthday.

And can we just talk about how awesome Sam Rockwell is in this:

Dance like no one is watching folks.
Unless, you have Jimmy Fallon.....then obviously, you should dance with him.