Keeping things private from your kids becomes a lot harder as they get older.
You cannot simply spell things like D-O-N-U-T out anymore....because, they know!!

And who taught them to read anyway?

It also becomes very had to keep a blog post secret when your eldest can access it on his DS.
Which is how they find out about my Super Hero Alter Ego.

So naturally....they all want to be super with me..

...because  God Forbid I would ever have an advantage over my children.

And who told them this was a democracy anyway?

Here's their creations.
And if you have a child that is not content to just be mediocre and do what they are told and are all "I'm so smart mom...I can read!"  just send them here to make their own Marvel Super Hero.

But be forewarned:  there will be no living with them now.

Monkey Boy wants to "hulk" up

Angel Girl has "spidey" senses (and will never dress like that!!)

ZooZoo wasn't interested in creating a Super Hero. 
Probably related to the fact that she is much better at getting into trouble.....then preventing trouble.
I think she's okay with that.

Angel Girl also got a new InnoTab2 for her birthday.    She is very excited, especially since it has a camera AND video ability.
"and now I can put all my pictures and videos on your blog mommy!"

Me:   Just....super.

Here's a few of her recent pics.
I am sparing you all 125.
You're welcome.

Easter Window (yes, still)

self portrait (aka unnecessary extreme close-up)

her dresser

fish tank reflection

And did you hear?
It's very lovely at the beach today -- you should check out other pictures there.