I'm very late to the Pondering Party this week.

Left Brain is away right now, so it's been pretty busy around here.   I apologize for not being a good blog visitor right now, but when he returns, I am sure things will  be back to normal.

I'll be back to doing only 80% of the work.   HA!
Just kidding honey.   Hope  you are having fun.

The other reason is because, oddly enough.....it's been very stormy here.
Extremely windy.

How apropos.

Today's prompt is: Twist

What a diverse word those five little letters turns into...... (or should I say twists into?)

First thing I think of, thanks to the howling outside my windows -- which are literally rattling.   And my garbage is being flown around the yard:

And then I think, OH - I haven't watched this in awhile:

But at least I don't have these:


Which makes me think naturally:   you have a twisted sense of humour.
but not as bad as some.


That's some intense concentration Gollum.
But I feel your pain. 
Mostly when I play one of my favourite computer word games.

So, here you go:  A  Pondering Post with a Twist.

How many words can you make?