Good Day and welcome to another edition of Tuesday Coffee Chat!

Thanks to all my loyal coffee chuggers and chatters who join me each week.

 Recently I found myself in the odd scenario of watching Back to the Future, while also going through old photo albums.
Which is totally appropriate for me since I rarely know if I am coming or going.

Tuesday, April 23rd, 2013

 What Was, or What's to Be?:   If you had the choice of going back in the past to a specific time in history, OR, if you could travel ahead into the future (you are coming back to present, don't worry) --- which would you choose?
 I think with another birthday on the near horizon, it's only naturally to look back......and also ponder forward.  
I have no use for regrets.   So I don't want to live in the past.  Or worry over what might have been.
There is no time in my personal history that I would want to revisit and request a Do-Over.
Which is not to say that I have not made any mistakes --- but rather, is to say that I like very much the "who" that was created as a result of those mistakes.

My Life:  It's all one beautiful and flawed tapestry.    The stronger threads have simply woven in and around the weaker ones to hold the piece together.   I imagine it will continue to be woven in this manner, weak over strong, strong over weak, for the rest of my days.
And I am okay with that.

Neither do I have any use for knowing what lies ahead. 
Don't let my Pinterest Boards fool ya --- I'm kinda a "fly by the seat of my pants" kinda gal.
Whenever I try to get all uber planning Martha Stewart, I end up stressed and frustrated.   Why I try to do this is because most others don't like us willy-nilly sorts and need to know What Is For Supper by 10 am.   
People -- I have not yet drank All The Coffee by 10 am.
But I promise to try and have my menu sorted out by at least noon.  ish.
Nag me and it probably won't end well for you.
Also, you're likely to be hungry come 5:30 pm.    Unless you like cereal.
 I don't want to know what lies ahead in too great a detail.   I worry  it would hang over my head and determine my steps based on either fear, or intense expectation, instead of just stepping forward in faith that It Will All Be Okay.   Or in the knowledge that even if it is not all okay; it's okay:  I got this.
This too shall pass.

Now, if we are talking about a specific time in history, I would definitely love to go back to the times of knights and ladies and royal courts.   That would be very interesting.    What would it be like to wear a corset all day and have gentleman court you with fine verse?  
Naturally, there will be Afternoon Tea and much chatting in my Renaissance past still.
Ultimately I do know beyond a doubt, the present is the real gift.

As you head out onto the highway of life, are you looking down the white line into the distant horizon, or checking out what's past in the rear-view mirror?

NEXT WEEK:  Skipping Out!!  This is the time of year which brings back fond memories of when I might not be found sitting in class during school hours:  for various reasons.  If you could "skip" a day -- what would you do?