Good Morning and welcome to another Coffee Chat!

The weather here is finally starting to get warmer.   Warm enough that I took the winter blanket of leaves off my garden this weekend.  
Also......hello back muscles!    Yes, winter hibernation is sooo hard.

I discovered a few plants already starting their spring blooms.  Not quite photo worthy yet.  I am itching to get at my gardens now.

There's a beautiful sign of the rebirth of spring unfolding in the evergreen outside my kitchen window.    The kids cannot wait!   It's like keeping fleas off a dog to keep them away:
Mama bird added one more egg since I took the picture
The kids are having a blast being outdoors more now.   Bubbles, and chalk drawings and bike riding oh My!   But they keep trying to run outside in shorts and tank tops ---- calm yourselves young'uns!   it's not that warm yet.

So yeah....expect a post on how we are all suffering from a spring cold soon.  *side eye*

Skipping Out!

This is the time of year which brings back fond memories of when I might not be found sitting in class during school hours:  for various reasons.  If you could "skip" a day -- what would you do?

Back in high school days, it was not uncommon for me to suffer from such ailments as "ski fever" and "beach bum".    And off my fellow slacker friends and I would be to a ski chalet in the Mountains, or plunging hypodermic needles in oranges and starting the long drive to the sandy shores of Picton Beach.

I'll wait while you look up the needles and oranges thing.
Watermelon is good too.

Naturally the carefree days of youth have long passed me by now....but the stirrings still be there buried deep I suspect.

And when the wind is blowing in the still bare branches of the maples, carrying that first fresh hint of sunny days ahead:   I get the urge to run.

I mean, not run...literally. 
Stop laughing.   I could....if I wanted to.
But that would kind of defeat the term "lazy days of summer."   

However, suddenly I want OUT.    Meaning the Great Outdoors of course.
If your Canadian and still finding odd patches of ice in shady spots around your home and lawn, you'll get that.

I want to feel the gentle caressing whisper of wind -- after the eye contact freezing sting of winter.
I want to grab my shovel and turn the thawing earth to release the fresh scent -- not relocate snowflakes from my driveway to my lawn.

Cafe and restaurant patios are starting to open.
Flowers are appearing at the local nursery.
The deep fried goodness of Wes Chips often drifts over the woods and waters when the breeze is just right.   (oh, you have to experience that.  trust.)

And everything in life becomes just a little bit easier when you do not have to trudge through the bitter cold, snow and ice.

I may have actually dashed out my door today.   No coat.  No socks.  No waiting.
Forgot my keys though.
And cell phone. it's not a perfect plan - this "dashing" willy nilly thing;  but you get my point.  
I was Out.  At Last.

So that is what I'd really like to do for my Skipped Day.
Just Get Out and See Spring Arrive.

Sure, a movie, or a concert, a tour of a local museum or antique store would be nice.  But I can save those for rainy days too.

Right now, I want to run in the new grass and feel the wind in my hair; the songs of birds cheering me onward.  To wander with no real purpose other than to breath deep the fresh newness of the season.   To linger in sunny woods and watch the spring water run cool and fast, while ducks and geese nestle in their grassy banks; scolding me warnings to keep my distance.   I want to spy something new...something green....something growing....reaching up to the warming sun.    I want to lay on blankets on a cloudy day and watch dragons, ships and fairies race their fluffy outlines across the sky.

Who's with me?
Let's break free from the walls that have been holding us IN....and break out; even for a few small moments of fresh air and sunshine.

And I may even actually skip.
Just don't expect evidence of such.
Because you know...... I probably forgot my cell phone. with ya now.
I mean....after you write a post and link up of course.    

then unplug.  tune in.  take time out.

Next Week:   It's My Birthday Soon!! (May 13th):  Let's see how well you know Rory, dear Readers.   What are you getting me for my special day?   Where would send me for a day out of the house? (if you re-read the post, you might find some hints.)