Good morning and welcome to this weeks' Tuesday Coffee Chat with your host Rory.

I am happy that you have stopped by this week to join me

Otherwise, you know -- just me, sitting here....drinking coffee.....talking to myself.


Last week not too many of us were keen on the Road Trip idea.
And I freely admit....running low on the coffee chat ideas. 
So if you have any random thoughts, pensive pondering, or .......well, anything really.   Feel free to share with me.

Otherwise....we're all just sitting here.....drinking coffee....with nothing to talk about.

Again, awkward.

 Tuesday, April 9th, 2013
 Not Myself These Days:  If you could live another person's life for a week, who would you choose?    Will it be the opposite sex?  A celebrity?   
Or, make the prompt interesting: is it the cat's life for you?

 So yesterday I made me a list of all the Super Things I Have Done/Can do.

Obviously though, I am not Super Wife, Super Mom, Super Friend.....well, super anything really.

Well, I am super at drinking coffee, because mornings ya know.....they're sssoooo hard.

But mostly, just me -- trying to matter.

While staring at the blinking cursor on my blogger draft chat prompt, I said to myself;  "Self...this is opportunity!!  Do not let it pass you by!"

Now is my actually be SUPER!!!

I can create my own hero!!   Imagine having a very specific skill set that makes you master spy!  Or super powers so that you could control the weather, heal yourself, fly....or

.....get the darn plastic off the drinking straw that comes with the juice box AND still have strength and sense of mind to get it in the tiny hole.
 Acccckkk!!  Don't squeeze the box!!!

See, right there.  Didn't know my own strength. 

I could move piles of laundry, put All The Toys away, and actually place  naughty children in their rooms and close the door.......all with just the power of my mind.

When I say,  "just dashing to the store for milk honey".......8.6 seconds later, I'd be home!

with a coffee.
because, of course.

Traversing Lego Minefields?    Piece of cake!
Matchbox cars are crushed under the step of my mighty boots!
Which one of you drew on the walls with marker?   Ha -- Lasso of Truth, thank you very much!

I have to all sounds very nice.
I bet this motherhood gig would be much easier with some handy Super Hero tools and powers at my disposal.

Rory's has left the building folks -- meet the new improved SUPER ME!

I am LadyHawk!

I must say,  I rock!
Archers are way cool these days, so I am also Super In Cool Crowd too.

No job is too big, too tough, too icky gross what is that on your face?

Nothings getting by me now!

Except....whoops!   It seems I've forgotten my pants.


Who you gonna be?

NEXT WEEK:   It's All Fun and Games!  My church is having a Family Game Night in a couple of weeks.   What is/was your favourite Board Game?   Do you have Family Game Nights at your home?