I've been having a little trouble getting back on schedule since March Break and the Easter holiday.

Sorry if I have not been visiting your blog in awhile.
I've also been doing a lot of research for some future articles I would like to write.

I promise to catch up with everyone as soon as I take a nap can get back on schedule.

Here's my Promise Sign:


 Today's prompt is: Sign

This word become the word this week because of something Les said last week..... I will let you go back and read the comments if you're that interested.....

Wow - look at me!  All inspiring and stuff.  Thanks Brenda; glad I could contribute to ponderings.

So the first thing that I thought of was this comedian:

And then since my local church recently changed the hour which it starts on Sunday morning and posted it on their sign --- I naturally thought of these:


I never knew I was yelling speaking the words of God!!!:


I was originally concerned more about skunks...but this is a curious one too:


Finally, since this is April in Canada, I am naturally on the daily lookout for Signs of Spring.



 Nothing to report here folks.
Here's my sign.