I saw a robin today!!
That's probably only a big deal to you if it is April and you live in Canada.

And I got grass!!!

Wait...to clarify:  the kind that grows on my lawn.
You know, after 6 months of snow has melted.

Nay, Nay.
This blog post is NOT served with a side of brownies.

Although, that would be soooo awesome dude.

You would all think I was the superest bloggy list-maker like evah!

 Like you needed more reasons....pshaw!
Oh you do?

Well, I have a list for that.


1.    I don't want to brag, but I can grow people.  Really cute ones too.


Okay many of you can say the same, so, meh.....how's that super?
Let me tell why I am super birther:

Monkey Boy:  10 lbs, 8 oz.    (not a typo!)
Angel Girl:  9 lbs, 5 oz.
ZooZoo:  9 lbs, 14 oz.

Um yeah.....so all via C section, since I do NOT have Super lady parts that can accommodate something the size of a watermelon.    Even if it is a really cute watermelon

2.   I can smack a police officer and totally get away with it.
     Oh yes, this punk often does get  feel lucky.
 (we'll see if I can also slip this blog post past Left Brain.)

3.  As many of you know, I love music.   But it takes a special kind of musical genius to know all the words, to MMMMbop, Copacabana, Highway to Hell.....and every Disney theme song.

And I can even spell  "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious"
Fine, I may have Googled that one.

4.   I can Google anything!    Hippo drinking tea?

Got it!

Find the missing link?

There it is!
What happens if a fireman inhales too much smoke?

Whoops!  Get that man some brownies STAT!

5.   I have owned a minivan for the past 7 years of my married with children unfortunate   incarceration.

      Filled gas tank 5 times.   YES!  I rock.

 6.   I do believe I have previously mentioned I did once save a young friend from being kidnapped by kicking the guy who tried to pull him into the car in the shins.   That's for real folks.
Turns out it was his uncle or something due to ugly custody battle, but still.....Ninja Skills Confirmed.

7.  I learned to saddle and ride a horse, drive a buggy/wagon, drive a tractor -- with manure spreader hooked up - and pluck a chicken well before I was 10 years old.

My own children still cannot drink juice without spilling it.
Clearly this Super Gene must skip a generation.

8.  I remember this one time....it was winter..... and there had been a blizzard ...and when I returned home from work...the snowplow had piled a 2 foot ledge at the bottom of my driveway; thus blocking my entry.  Monkey Boy was happily listening to The Wiggles in his car seat, so I just put the van in park.....grabbed the shovel and started clearing the way.

7 months pregnant with Angel Girl
No no....don't worry All My Neighbours.....I got this.  *side eye*

9.   I kinda feel bad bragging like this.....because really, I'm a bit of an ass.

And by that I mean, I can get 3 children, 4 towels, 1 bag of sand toys, I cooler, backpack of dry clothes, suntan lotion and first aid kit, and 3 boogie boards all down the beach.  In one trip.


10.   Let's go back to the beginning......those 3 cute kids?
       All still alive.

Mostly because I am know super cool things like a box of salt will take a grape juice stain out of your beige carpet.   Same thing goes for red wine.   So I hear.

You're welcome.

Mind the cape as you leave, m'kay?