Happy Monday!
3 more sleeps until I have to share the bed again.
Just when that separate bedroom thing of old was starting to make sense to me, Left Brain will return and be whispering sweet snoring sounds in my ear.

It's awful I know, but I've kinda come to like those extra few inches in my bed.

Um.....that didn't sound quite right at all.

very sorry.

Thanks to repeated text messages from my West Coast sweetheart, it took me almost 1/2 an hour to wrote those first lines.

Wonder what else you could do in that time?

What I Can Do In 30 Minutes....ish.

1.   If done the correct way, I can savour - not devour - a Kit Kat Bar.


2.   Drink 2 cups of coffee with the Kit Kat bar.    actually, that's a slow day.
3.  Bath 3 kids.    (It takes much longer to clean the bathroom when children are finished.)

4.   Bake some cupcakes. 
      Or it could only take you half that time to drive to the grocery store and pick up the cake they made for you.   They even put it in a nice box.   Nice people bakers.


5.    Said cake can be reduced to crumbs in about 1/2 an hour if you happen to have 8 hyper hungry  six year olds on hand.

6.   8 six year olds who have gorged themselves on cake can destroy your house pretty effectively in 30 minutes.   Actually....probably less.

7.   Compose the perfect Tweet.


8.   Write a blog post.   
      Mmmmm, well some of us can.   I need A Little Help from other bloggers.

9.   Watch half an episode of The Walking Dead.   hit pause.

10.   The remaining 30 minutes are useful to go around my house and make sure all doors and windows are locked, night lights are on, place flashlight and charged iPhone beside the bed, review my Zombie Apocalypse Survival Guide, and then investigate any strange noises.   

because, you know:  Zombie Apocalypse. 
And I Am All Alone!!

If you have any spare minutes left over, may I suggest a fun, easy way to pass a few moments?

How does 30 minutes fly for you?