Happy Tuesday all!   Welcome to Coffee Chat.

I trust that everyone had a wonderful Easter holiday.
And ate their chocolate bunnies EARS first?

I normally do, but some Left Brain'd person beat me to the punch.
Humph....we'll just see if he gets the tail too.  *BAM*

Sorry...that may have been the Easter wine still lingering.
On that note, since I am still recovering from the busy holiday; let's get right to our chat topic this week.

Road Trip!!

Where are you going?
You can take 3 people....who are they, and what are their responsibilities on the trip.

 Since I cannot discuss actual people in my life due to something about the Internet being a scary and dangerous place where people will see your picture and hunt you down -- or something like that.   I will  have to use a few of my pals here in this wonderful - non paranoid - blogging community.

Okay, so first person I am picking up is Hilary from Feeling Beachie.
And I swear it is not at all related to the fact that I may have just accidentally-on-purpose forgotten all of my shoes at home and thus must raid her closet. 
Or that she has beach house. 
 Honest, she is very cool, nice, friendly girl who can certainly entertain us with some fun road games.  Just as she does each Friday with her Four Fill In Fun.

So Hilary, pack your bags and be ready with an iPod playlist because I am totally down for some Name that Tune.

Then Hilary and I are going to swing on by and pick up Susi from BocaFrau
Again, fact of pool to swim in mere coincidence.
Also, I am certain there will be yummy food.
But if you have visited Susi, you know it's her sunny, warm and inviting personality that we are really there for.    Plus, she could teach us some German during the drive I bet. 
It will be cool to tell Left Brain off for eating my bunny ears in the language of his ancestors, instead of my usual "Pardon my French."

So grab your bags and some yummy treats (pumpkin spice??) and be ready to join the adventure!
I may need you to read the Twilight Series for me during long hours because it's the only way I will ever time for the books.  M'Kay?

Oh, and I forgot to mention:  Susi, you are the official photographer of Blog Road Trip 2013.

Last, but certainly not least, we need to cross the country (Vegas Pit stop ladies?) and be on our way to see Brenda from Brenda Youngerman: Ponderings Of an Author.  I simply cannot do a road trip without my "sister".  
I tend to run away with my fun sometimes and can be tempted to cross lines bearing no resemblance to societal standards.  It's been a long time since I've been out of the house y'all.  This may not end well for anyone.  I will need some wisdom as my guide.
But also, as I am having my away from home fun, a firm but gentle, loving pondering reminder of all that I have left behind. 

And I confess:  I am so awed that she is a published writer.
I don't just fangirl over action stars you know.
Me have intellectual side too.

Now quite honestly, I do wish I could stop at each and everyone who visits me here -- and return the visit for real.  Don't think I don't know who will have Adam Levine playing on their CD and a brief Moves Like Jagger interlude after hours in the car would be most welcome.

And cousin Paul, since I have not seen your new house yet, a stop in is certainly warranted.   And not because I think there might be the rare chance of some marshmallow brownie remains somewhere.  I know better!   Cold beer though?   Family really does know you best :)

So, where are we 3 gals going?  What's our final destination?
Well, we're gonna have to cross us an ocean because I've always wanted to go to Australia.
No, it's not because of Hugh Jackman
not completely.

But there is an Awesome Mate who does live there!  I'm sure Kerry from It's the Little Things won't mind if we crash with her for a spell!   Fair dinkum, right?

I bet she'd be the most fun and loveliest host to show us around that big wonderful country.
You do know where Hugh lives, right?  right?
And do kangaroos really box?  because that just seems mean, and I am not sure I am up for wild animal encounter.  
That would be why I have left the children at home.

Um, how do you feel about sleeping out under the stars in the Outback gals?
Too much?

Yeah, maybe.
But I am most certain that whatever we decide to do, or wherever we explore, I have chosen a fabulous trio of woman to make it the Road Trip of a lifetime!

Um....whose bringing the snacks?
Having bad snacks can completely wreck a good Road Trip.
Ok fine.........I get grumpy when I am am hungry.   It's not pretty.

 Your turn.
Where are you going and who are taking on the journey?

Next Week:   Not Myself These Days:  If you could live another person's life for a week, who would you choose?    Will it be the opposite sex?  A celebrity?   Or, make the prompt interesting: is it the cat's life for you?