As I've mentioned, it is March Break Madness around here.

Make that....Maple Madness!
Our day at Fulton's Pancake House and Sugar Bush 

Do forgive the cell phone dump.....I am blaming sugar overload.

First!  We EAT!

Then!  We RIDE!

greeting the Blacks

The tap lines through the sugar bush

the old fashioned method so kids can see the sap
from these small blue lines tapped into tree.....

to this bigger black line that pumps to boiler
 Or, you could go old school:

 they even have a very cool set up where the show this old fashioned method:

 Love the inside the teepee shot!

There's also a playground and sled hill -- to work off all that sugar!!

And you simply must end the visit with some fresh made maple taffy!

I also purchased a bottle of maple BBQ sauce, raspberry maple syrup, maple peanut brittle, and a small bottle of Amber maple syrup (the dark stuff that only I like.)

If you have a sweet tooth --- get to my place STAT!
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