Good Day and welcome to Coffee Chat!!
It's March Break.


I have an article I've been working on for what seems like forever.  And I really hope to get some time to submit it this week.   I need a Mom Break Week!!  

Can someone get on that?

  Tuesday, March 12th, 2013
 "Keep it, toss it, burn it, sell it  "
In the same vein as last Chat's game, except this time I am giving you the items:
1.  old high school/alma mater tshirt
2.  love letter from old flame who broke your heart
3.  engagement ring -- from when you said "no"
4.  vinyl edition of what was "your song" - you can dowload from iTunes anyway

Okay, so short and sweet today because All The Kids Are Home!!! 

Keep It

Definitely the vinyl.   I am so sorry I don't have any vinyl records anymore.
Perhaps some things should never have gone out of style.

Toss It

The old high school/university sweater do not even want to know the places the university one has probably been.
And since those days are So Long Ago for me.......they couldn't even be washed anymore.

Burn It

No contest.  I am not sentimental about love past and gone.  I move forward.
That love letter is going up in flames.   Pronto.  And I will probably be dancing naked under the full moon around the bonfire too.
That might have been taking it too far.
But, know?

Sell It

The engagement ring - assuming he told me to keep it after either saying no; or later breaking up.
Again, I don't want sentimental items kicking around, and he cannot exactly give it to another woman.   So... practical wins out in this case.

Unless it happened to be this antique engagement ring: I love.  That - I'm Keeping.

It may surprise some of you who thought based on the previous months' chats, that I was a die-hard romantic.   Well, I do think I am romantic.....just not in the hoarding Keep All The Memories kind of romantic.    I didn't even keep any baby clothes.  *GASP*

I simply prefer to live in the moment.  

Hoarding anything special?

NEXT WEEK:    Is Spring just around the corner?  *snort*  Not likely for me.  But oh well, Let's Play I Spy.   I Spy something with my little eye...that is.....Green.
Off you go me hearties.   What will you choose:  first blade of grass?  the stem of a tulip?  budding trees?   Money?  In this case, it really is best if you show your work.