Good morning and welcome again to the Tuesday Coffee Chat!

Okay so I sense we are getting tired of the mushy-mushy love fest that was February.

Me too.  Especially given my February was mostly about icky-icky sick-fest.
I mean in the MOST literal sense.

Thus, I thought we'd leave all this lovey-dovey stuff in the wind....

.....and just be completely immature and nonsensical instead.


Tuesday March Feb. 5th, 2013 

"Snog, Marry, or Throw off A Cliff?"

A fun little fantasy game to play using your favourite (or most hated) male or female actors, characters, rock stars.....whatever.   Choose one for each category and briefly explain why they are in that category.  (for those  not versed in "Brit Speak" -- Snog is kiss.   Keep it clean folks ;)

Normally the names are provided....but I'm letting you choose.
I'm enabling nice like that.

I remember playing this game at slumber parties when I was young and boys were just "ever so dreamy."     And I hear Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 just came out.  So, now is your chance to show you're Team Edward and toss Jacob off a cliff.   Or vice versa.  

Use the various Bonds - guys, take the Bond Girls. 

Yes gentleman......Left Brain is also playing along, so no excuses!

Left Brain's Picks 
(I may have had to make some lovey-dovey promises to make this happen.   Honestly....what I do for you dear readers.)

My dearest hubby has a soft spot for one Sandra Bulluck, so he'll be picking from her movie characters.
(not so mad at me for all those Renner pics now, are we?)

Anyway, I can't blame him at all.   She looked Amazing at The Oscars!!

1. Snog:   Lenina Huxley, her character in The Demolition Man
2. Marry:   Sally Owens,  from Practical Magic
3.  Toss off a Cliff:   Margaret Tate, from The Proposal 

Basically agree, except I think I'd totally be snogging Annie from Speed.
And don't think Left Brain doesn't appreciate that input.

Naturally I will be using the actor Angel Girl keeps referring to as Hawt Guy (as opposed to Hawkeye).
Well're not wrong.

I don't know how familiar you are with Jeremy Renner movies, but here goes:

1.  Snog:  James "Gem" Coughlin, from The Town
     Yes, I know he's a bad guy.....but he just plays him so well.    And you cannot question his loyalty.

2.  Marry:  Detective Jason Walsh, from the short lived TV series, The Unusuals 
     I know, I know.... I had so many action heroes to choose from, but this character is "ever so dreamy" personified.

3.  Throw off A Cliff:    Bobby Sharp, in North Country
      I realize Dahmer might have been the obvious choice here -- but honestly, isn't cliff tossing just a little too kind for a serial killer?   

I'm not including a clip because.....well, because I don't like him.   Hence.....cliff.

How about another clip of future husband Detective Walsh?   Let's check in and see how he fared after that girl got him so drunk:

Funniest scene ever.

Also, Renner - underwear.
You're welcome.

So make your choices and do feel free to show your work!

NEXT WEEK:    Similar Prompt.   As follows:

 "Keep it, toss it, burn it, sell it  "
This time I am giving you the items:

1.  old high school/Alma mater tshirt

2.  love letter from old flame who broke your heart

3.  engagement ring -- from when you said "no"

4.  vinyl edition of what was "your song" - you can download from iTunes anyway