Good morning and welcome to this week's Coffee Chat!

I hope that everyone has something hot and delicious in their cups this morning.
As for myself, I must confess up front:   I am drinking tea today.

I cannot drink coffee when I have a cold.  I don't know what it is.

I miss coffee.  Stupid cold.

Kinda like how I miss "Green."

Tuesday March Feb. 19th, 2013 

Let's Play I Spy.   I Spy with my little eye....something that is GREEN.

Some say Spring is just around the corner, so off you go to see what you can find.

Well, I searched my yard in desperation, but to no avail:  no green was spotted anywhere.
In desperation I even filled spray bottles with dyed water so that the kids could paint the snow green.

It was St. Patrick's Day afterall  - completely appropriate!
Nope.  They wanted pink and blue.

Well, if you were around last week, I did Ponder on Some Green things recently. 

How about checking the weather forecast?

 OHHH!!  That's lots of green.
Yeah, no.   That's not the good green we are looking for.
That green actually means snow.   

No signs of spring for me I guess.

Well, I hope you dear readers have much better luck at finding some "Green" then I do.

Oh wait!!
I've got something for that!

That be me lucky charm me friends! 
My mom brought us an actual Shamrock plant for St. Patrick's Day.

I can plant it in my garden when it is finally thawed, and it will bloom all season long.

That me being very green!

NEXT WEEK:    If you don't have anything nice to say......come sit by me.
What is your reaction to this statement?   Do you follow gossip; either within your own circle, or say Celebrity Gossip?  Is some gossip just idle chit chat and when kept between 2 parties basically harmless.  Does it go hand and hand with being famous?  How do you think gossip/rumours affect society as a whole?