Good day and welcome to another edition of Coffee Chat.

 I am glad you have joined me today because I have exciting news..... you know how I've been talking about how late I always am these days....... well... seems that....

...... the unthinkable has happened......a miracle of sorts.....

.........I am on time today!!

What did you think was coming?   A little announcement?
Bah.... I took measures safeguarding against that after baby #3.

But, what if you just heard the first part.....the part about me being late, and NOT the closing part?'d think I was pregnant.   And Right There: that's how rumours start.  

If you don't have anything nice to say......come sit by me.

What is your reaction to this statement?   Do you follow gossip; either within your own circle, or say Celebrity Gossip?  Is some gossip just idle chit chat and when kept between 2 parties basically harmless.  Does it go hand and hand with being famous?  How do you think gossip/rumours affect society as a whole? 

First of all....LOVE that movie.  So.Many.Quotes.
And Ouiser is just about the best character ever to hit the screen.

For this edition of the chat, I am actually not going to say too much about the subject.   I have been wanting to write an article about Gossip/Rumours in our Society today -- especially how something like Social Media can make it much easier to spread a falsehood, and make it travel faster...and further.    I don't want to influence anyone with my own thoughts today -- so I will just throw out some ideas/thoughts; but keep my own opinions to myself. 

I don't know what your high school was like, but mine certainly ran rampant with rumours and gossip.    Is this where we first learn?   Now, with cyber-bullying, it's taken on a much more frightening aspect.   Does it toughen us up for the "real world" out there?  

If you've seen Steel Magnolia's, than you know a big component to the womens' bonding is the talking while at Truvy's.   Much of which is good old fashioned Southern gossiping.   If you live in a small town like I do, this is probably familiar to you.  Is this just the harmless chatter of bored women?   As long as it remains within the beauty shop, or around the kitchen table:  is it really hurting anyone?

Finally....celebrity gossip.  Oh Hollywood rumour mill, what a strange and ridiculous machine you are.   If only the rest of us had PR management to spin our lives clean for us too.   But does that make it okay to discuss the private lives of the rich and famous?   Is it also just harmless chit chat amongst friends.... on message boards, chat rooms and various fan forums?    Should an actor/actress ignore such nonsense, or are there times it is appropriate, perhaps even necessary for them to respond?

(there's a pretty big rumour about an A list celebrity right now.  The fans are going crazy wanting the truth....but no denial or confirmation has been forthcoming.  I gotta say, kind of respect this particular celeb for sticking to their principle of not discussing their private life.  In these Reality TV show all-tell all times, it's refreshing to see not everyone wants to air their dirty laundry: even if showing how squeaky clean it actually is could dispel the rumour easily.'re dying to know who and what now, right?  LOL   Not telling - told ya, respect y'all.)

Does money really make it hurt less to have people speculate about your life and make up malicious lies about you for their own personal interest/gain?  Is there no such thing as bad press still in these Social Media hungry times? 
There seems to be a sense of entitlement amongst fans that celebrities owe us something more than just turning in a good performance and doing the necessary press work.    But why?   Isn't the deal sufficient:  you make movie, I see movie.  Done.   No fandom obsession is rampant in these times.   Have you seen the Tumblr?   It's a scary, scary place I tell ya.

So what say you readers?
Is all gossip bad, or is some just harmless chit chat?   
If the spreading of rumours and ill talk is considered another way to bond and connect, 
what does that say about our human relationships?

If destroying another person's character, not to mention their spirit 
(whether poor and unknown, or rich and famous) has become an amusing past time; 
what the heck will entertainment look like in another 100 years?

NEXT WEEK:   Let's go on a Road Trip.  Where are you going?  You can take 3 people.   Who are they and what are their respective responsibilities on the trip?