Continuing our March Break Madness here at Time Out.
pretty much: I'd like a time out now please.

This may largely be due to our skating outing yesterday.
no, no. There are no pictures. Balance is essential to skating.
And for that, I need both hands.

For the record, I didn't fall once.
I realize this is shattering the global image of all Canadians being able to skate.  and skate well.
And I can skate -- it's just been a couple of years, so my balance was a tad off at times.

At least, that is what my back muscles are telling me this morning.
My children however, who fell multiple times,  including Angel Girl who is sporting a black eye ...... seem little worse for wear.

My tweets reveal my envy of their endless energy:

no kids, just no. wii dance party before coffee? that's not gonna end well for anyone

Today's prompt is: Green

With St. Patrick's Day just around the corner I had the word 'green' pop into my head and then I realized this is also a word with multiple meanings....

Also, along the lines of "being in the green" this morning, I am pondering the idiot who thought it would be an awesome prank to send me an email that I am entitled to over $500.00 in tax refunds.   Including a link to where I can complete my speedy refund request.

Although, said prankster may be jealous of my super-duper Malware/Anti-Virus Protection Software.   Nice try a$$hole.   Better luck next time.   You're about to have a very bad day considering you did not do your hacker homework and are thus unaware:  The Police Are Already Here.   

Have a nice day.

I'll leave you with a lovely photo college I quickly put together regarding various Green things that came to mind.   I did this while watching my kids dance like maniacs around the basement.   

Seriously.....someone bottle this energy.

Can you think of 50 Shades of Green?