What time is it?
Why, I have no idea.  I have not worn a watch since my last day at work prior to starting my maternity leave, with my 2nd child --- seven years ago!

I know what time of day it is based on when my children wake up, the bus picks them up, when they are hungry, when I am hungry, when the bus drops them off, when they go to bed...... and by what is on TV.

Speaking of watching TV,  here's an interesting question:

In the event of a Zombie Apocalypse, who would you rather have save you?  

Daryl from The Walking Dead

Sgt. Doyle from 28 Weeks Later

This guy.  (Shaun of Shaun of the Dead)
 I had been hearing a lot about this show The Walking Dead, and since it is on our Canadian Netflix now, I thought I'd check it out.   But I know nothing about Zombie movie lore.   So I though I'd check out some movies.

Why do I do that?   Why do I watch stuff that scares the crap out of me?   I mean, I don't have the Federal basic emergency survival kit as recommended by Emergency Preparedness Canada, let alone the official Zombie Survival Kit.

I watch these movies and then I know I'll have all the lights on at night and be laying in my bed at  listening to noises that suddenly sound strange.   And I am not sure that my eldest son is old enough, let alone capable enough, to understand. "honey, you take the first watch, mama needs to rest for a bit. wake mama at 0200 hrs.

Plus, I don't have a watch to give him so he can know when to wake me up.
I fear if zombies attack, we're basically screwed.

But I can't look away.   The show is quite well done (aside from being a bit graphic for my taste in some parts) and the characters are interesting.   I can see how it has become addictive for many.

Besides, since spring is nowhere in sight around here, it's no fun to watch out my windows 

taken this AM..and it's snowing even harder by early PM

Doesn't that just look BBBRRRRRR....!
So of course I headed to the tub.   but there wasn't much to watch there either:
I need a grown up tub.
Then I thought - Hey - I can bring my laptop into the bathroom and watch something on Netflix!!

Yes......Zombies!     Because of course. 

Besides, no way they are coming to Canada.    We're ready - you may have Daryl, Doyle or *ahem* Shaun.
We've got SNOW!

Not this frozen land you walking dead.
Not on our watch

Today's prompt is: Watch

I have to tell you this working with words with double meanings has become quite interesting to me.... the way different people think about a word tells a lot about a person!

So..when you read watch....what do you think about?