Thursday's used to be my off line day.

Yeah....I laugh at that one too.

Honestly though, I've just come to realize that when Twitter, Pinterest, blogging withdrawal  inspiration just gotta go with it.    With 3 kids and a home, I find the time - when I find the time.     You have to go; with the ebb and flow.

Today - it's been hard finding the time.   The ebb and flow has been a bit hit and miss.
So, naturally.....I pondered that.

 Today's prompt is: Flexible

* Note:  Please note Brenda's new blog location.   Appears the old was hacked, but lovely as she is, she set up a new one just in time to give us a new Pondering Prompt*

Talk about being the very definition of your ponderings!  :)

Every other Thursday, I meet with a group of ladies for some live in person coffee chat.  There is a child care centre at the location, so we actually get to chat and drink hot coffee.
I think it may just be paradise.
Anyway today, all the regulars were not going to be there, for various reasons.    I debated not going.    I didn't know anyone else - who would I talk to?   Oh my....I could end up sitting there alone.  Or the child care centre with my child.   *side eye*

Yeah -- you're not believing a word of this are you?

Of course I went!   There's coffee!   And child care.   Who frickin cares if I sit alone.   Child.Care!

But if you've been coming here awhile, you also probably guessed I wasn't sitting alone.
Nope.    Yeah....I'll pretty much talk to anyone.  And I did.

But the morale of the tale -- the really amazing part about being flexible, or adaptable: open to new situations;  is that I met 2 ladies - moms - who really, really need some support right now.    They came today specifically hoping to join our group.   And if I had not gone..........they would not have had the chance to sit and talk - unload some burdens - share some laughs.  
A need would not have been met.
And I would have missed the opportunity to meet 2 new amazing and lovely people.


Afterward, Left Brain took me to lunch.
I wanted to split the club sandwich.   Love da club!    And this place uses real turkey.
Left Brain didn't want a club.     He wanted a burger.
hhhhhmmmmmm..... that actually sounds really good.

Can I tell you?   Best Burger I've had in a long time!!!!   AND.....AND.... it came with Sweet Potato Fries.  Hello!
High Five Way Up High Y'all!!

Flexibility Score: 2-0!

Then we went to get groceries.   I was happy because Left Brain would be with me and that meant when I am wandering down the aisles mumbling to myself, or singing along to the elevator music on the PA system........ well, I wouldn't look like I was wandering down the aisles mumbling and singing to myself.   
Nay, Nay.
I am on grocery date with sweetheart.    :)

Um nay, nay.
Left Brain took ZooZoo out to the mall to wandering around.
Perhaps he needs to Ponder with us one week?

Score:  2-1  

The other side of grocery flexibility is  The List.   
I do try to stick to the list.   Especially since The Budget gets very angry at me when I detour from The List.   The Budget is not very flexible - at all.  

But since I was in a bit of funk over broken grocery date with non-pondering Left Brain'd spouse, 3 items returned home with me that were not on The List. 

cookie dough ice cream, beer.....and Midol.

Score is tied:  2-2
Ummmm.......we're gonna have to wait on that tie-breaker.
Because, I'm thinking Flexibility might be out of town for say.....5 to 7 days?

Finally -- I can touch my nose with my toes.
(I believe Left Brain would consider that the tie-breaker.)

How flexible are you?