Thursday finds me pondering again.
Yes, a matter of fact my brain basically does shut down every other day of the week.

Unless I am in the tub.  Tubs are great places for pondering.
Also, snacks.
Tub Picnics Rock. 

Anyway, I love this series our host Brenda has created concerning the multiple meanings of some words.  It is so well suited to my wandering, pondering mind.

Today's prompt is: Bill 

This word popped into my head and I almost laughed out loud when I began to think about it and how many different meanings it has.

I mentioned to Brenda that this is the first thing that popped into my head, since I have been recently reading about the possibility of  another sequel:


And I also think this is some great name choosing irony:
"Bill"  -- who has LOTS of Bills!

 Course my hubby would think of this first:

And naturally wish we had more of these:

Well except, ours is much prettier, if I do so say myself.

You know who tends to carry big stacks of bills like that?

Yeah, I don't think they're gonna share with us.
If only we could catch them!!

Oh wait....guess who catches guys who carry big stacks of cash illegally gained!?

 Unrelated, did I show you Left Brain's new car?
Apparently it goes super fast!!!

He's at work right now.
You know, chasing bad buys.   Who probably have no problem paying their bills. 
Given the stack of bills they usually have.  That we don't.
But hubby could get it from them......he's that good.

Make a good decision honey. 

And if you should catch this guy....

....... can I do the interrogation?

Um, pretty sure I'll discover that his name isn't Bill though.
But I would like to know why that image above, was NOT the movie PlayBill.

No worries hon.  I got this.

I'll make him talk.

Easy as water off a duck's.......err, back.