Forgive me: I've been a bad blogger friend lately.

It's been 3 weeks since my last confession Monday Listicle

I'm not proud about it.   (hence last weeks' absence)

But sometimes you just need a creative break.   You know?   You do the same thing over and over and suddenly it starts to feel old.   Starts to taste stale.

And the next thing you know.....

..... you're stinking up the joint.

Much thanks to Kerry for suggesting a prompt that will hopefully have me smelling like a rose --- despite my recent transgressions.


Last night we turned the clocks back and this mama lost an hour of sleep.   Actually, I lost several hours of sleep.    Someone please explain to 3 year old ZooZoo that "Spring Back" is not a reference to how many times you should get out of your bed per night?

Since I am really not a huge fan of Nocturnal Whack-A-Mole, the first item on my list of great smells is hardly a surprise.

1.    NOW that is a mug I can wake up to every day!

what?  you don't have delivery?
2.   A close second to the coffee bedside delivery, is of course, ready to eat breakfast.  And by "ready to eat" I mean:  Not cooked by Me.

Is that bacon?  Yes, yes it is.. .in maple syrup.  You're welcome.

3.   As I write this list, my mom - who is visiting for March Break - is eating Lay's chips.  With vinegar.  She actually poured vinegar onto them.  For some reason, this pleases my nose....but not my tummy.

4.  I'm also doing laundry.  I may or may not be alternating the scent of a vinegar soaked potato chip....with a Bounce Dryer sheet. do they get all the smelly goodness in such a little thin fabric piece!?    It rivals the Caramilk secret.

5.   mmmmmm.....Caramilk.     Let's pause there.  Because, of course.

Wait.....what?   Oh, you thought I meant chocolate!
silly people,  this is Canada.....we drink our chocolate :)

6.   Two wait, it may be one.  PartyLite.   Oh, I hear your smelly, supreme wax siren call.  Must.Buy.All.The.Candles.     I think at one point, I actually did.    Emergency?  I am Prepared!
(and buy that I mean, 3 kids who ate all my green beans.)

7.   For those not willing to take out small loan to make home smell nice, here's your budget friendly option:


You can get these at HomeSense (what's with all the twowordsintoonestorenamesanyway?) or the dollar store.   And they are seriously amazing.   The best part, they eventually just dissolve down to nothing.

8.  Lilacs.  I cannot wait for Spring and my lilacs to bloom. 

9.   Fresh Bread.   There's simply no denying this.  Someone bottle this smell and I will part with my money quicker than for any of those model-actress-singer-semi famous person we somehow made famous perfume pushers.   (except Chanel #5 - you are classic, and you I love.)

10.  Fresh Hay.   A lot of my childhood (and perhaps one hot summer night in early 20s - look away mom - Look Away Now!) is defined and immersed in the sweet smell of hay.    In fact, I love that whole scent when you first enter a barn.   Country never really leaves you.

That can probably be interpreted several ways.

Also, I carry a Bounce sheet in my pocket for any smell related emergencies.

What gets your nose sniffing?