Late again.
Gosh, I hope this is not the great fall into slackerdom I hear happens to some Stay At Home Moms, when they've been home too long. 

Would be awful if that happened.

Thankfully, I've got a pretty good mate to check up on things around here.

For this week’s listicle, chosen by The Bonny Bard I decided to narrow down 10 ways my partner’s awesome to just this past week.


1.  He still thinks my post 3 baby - 3 C section body is sexy.
     Covered in Vicks vapour rub hacking from cold me?  Not.So.Much

2.   He thinks I am so funny.    Even when he's arguing with me from the shower, and I turn on the water.     Ah honey, it's not about who is's about who has control of the faucet.

3.  He doesn't mind that I tease him about his love for 80's big hair music.   C'mon baby:  sing "More Than A Feeling" for me?    C'mon.....with feeling!

4.  He understands how we woman can over complicate life sometimes and when this happens and we are all frustrated and ready to explode......sometimes, we just need to watch a Jeremy Renner movie.

There.  Do you feel better?   I know that I do.
Honestly, it's not that hard to make us happy.

5.   If you come here often, you already know that I am very spoiled with morning coffee delivered bedside service.   He is so awesome.   So awesome in fact, he often brings me coffee in bed --- when I didn't even know I wanted to wake up yet it.

6.  Sometimes he wakes up grumpy......sometimes he lets me sleep in.

Heard this morning:   Honey, can you get up with the don't want me to have a stroke, do you?

7.   He can cook.  And grill.  And choose the wine.   Back off ladies.  If you think I'm letting him go when I am the one who house broke him?   you're outta yer mind.

8.   He is quite handy.  For example, our List Master's list today reminded me:  he will set up the entire camp site All By Himself.  Even if it takes 3 hours.
While I watch 3 the woods.
Don't think I don't know what you're doing there.

9.  He has a big gun and knows how to use it.

10.   He is in fact a great dad.   Barbie's, Battleship, changed more than his fair share of dirty bums.
        He's been a partner through it all.
        Why yesterday.....he even got all their names right.

“I'll have no husband, if you be not he.”
William Shakespeare, As You Like It