That title up there?
That was what I heard as my kids climbed aboard the school bus this morning.

Next week is March Break -- meaning No School For A Week.

Moms' Translation:  All Children, All The Day!

I think we all know I do not share their enthusiasm.
And before you think I am a terrible mother, I must clarify:    it is not that I do not want to be with them --- it's more accurate to say that I do not want them to be with one another.

Lately we seem to have entered the phase of Argue, Fight and Tattle All The Hours.
I don't know what it is lately that all my children will turn on one another quicker than a jailhouse rat looking to shorten his sentence.   I swear I need to pat them all down for chives and shanks lately.
(that would be prison made weapons.)

Seriously, ZooZoo was carrying around her  little magic fairy wand the other day....and she just had this look in her eye when she glanced at Monkey Boy.   Terrifying.   I am certain I heard her mumble "stupid fly" at him.

Um....that means this:
 Well, this Warden..... she don't make deals.
So be forewarned, you'd better play nice or it's in the hole with all of ya!

(For those of you who never had the privilege of working in a prison,  "the hole" is solitary confinement.  I'm not actually going to put my children in A Hole.   Unless you count the snow fort, in which case, yes - I just might.)


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This week’s statements:

1. Sometimes I wonder if I should clean out my scary place under the stairs but I know I wont.
2. A cold beer with a hint of lime is very nice while you are putting away 100 bags of groceries  while listening to music.    Too bad my kitchen parties are often a party of exactly 1.

3. I got my freckles from my mom.     Well, and I suppose a gazillion other Irish people.

4.  Left Brain make(s) the best coffee in the morning.    Technically, Keurig makes it possible....but the bedside delivery is really what elevates it to AWESOME!    He's also good with eggs and steak.   Not necessarily all at the same time.

But let's just be honest:  that would elevate the AWESOMENESS!

I might even become a morning person.

Mm. No.
Probably not gonna happen.