In honour of heart month, here is a picture gallery of things I am loving right now.

Since I am battling another cold, a warm front is much appreciated:

 Yes, around here -1 is a warm front.   Still chilly enough to sit by the fire, or cuddle up with the little ones under the covers:

 Because I am not the mom who lets her kids sleep in the bed with us, and because it's cold and one must stay warm -- really loving this lately:

A lockable bedroom door:  Best Sex Toy Ever!

And really loving the new taste sensation of cooking with coconut oil!
(find 101 Uses for Coconut Oil HERE)

Source: via Leslie on Pinterest

Two words:  Tiger Brownies

cookie dough and brownie -- sweet mercy!

This song - and I have no idea why.

Since I feeling all weak and feverish, my husband's strong arms:

Whoops - not sure how my imaginary boyfriend got in real husband's arms:

not too shabby eh?  (that tat is fake)

Ok fine ladies.....look at your man.

Now back at me!

Arm porn AND coffee?!!

Seriously folks:   what's not to love?