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 Tuesday Feb. 5th, 2013 

"What would be your Last Song?"

Not funeral song, rather, if you could only listen to one more song: what would it be?

 The idea for this prompt came to me when I was charging and synching my iPod and noticed that I only have enough room left for a few more songs.

I suppose I will have to delete some songs.
(said no music fan ever!)


Since deleting any song would be akin to getting rid of one of my own children, and it's not likely that I will be upgrading to a bigger iPod........ well, can you say Panic Attack!

I must download All The Songs!
Or at least all the new ones I discover each week for Monday's Music Moves Me.
Not to mention all the people I follow on This Is My Jam.

Did I mention I like music a little bit?

So in the midst of this panic, which will hereafter be referred to as The Day The Music Died,  I had the thought:   What if you didn't lose all the songs?   What if you had to pick just one?  Forever.

Scary thought - picking favourites is tough.  Impossible.
But, is there one song that has consistently touched me, moved me....made such a lasting impact so that it could never truly be left behind?

Now if you follow me either on the 4M Meme, or Jams, then you would know I like old rare soul and blues quite a bit.   But I can also bust a move to disco or dance quite nicely too.   Once upon a time I was the "Girl Who Used to  Rock and Roll".    I will sing "Moon River" at least once daily.
And let's be honest....I'd pay money and travel hours just to hear Adam Levine sing Twinkle, Twinkle  Little Star.
For goodness sake.......this is my ringtone.

But even them....forever?

Nay, Nay.
All that music is great, but most of it is attached to specific times in my life.   I play the tunes fanatically for awhile and eventually find a new jam to savour.    Sometimes they are revisted....because of the Never Delete OCD thing....but they never come back quite the same as the first time.

But there is music that I return to time and time and time again and it never, ever gets boring, old or tiring.   Each play it swells within me.   It is not attached to any specific event, or moment in time:  it stands upon it's own merit.   It lingers.  Always.

Any guesses?
Would it surprise you to know that it is classical music?

Don't feel bad if you didn't see that coming - it surprises me too.   In particular, and I guess being a poet/writer, I am drawn to Lyrics -- but of course, there are none in Classical pieces.   Yet, if I have to pick a "forever song", I don't want lyrics that will determine what the song will mean - every single time.   It must fit into any and every scenario.

A few of my faves:

Johann Pachelbel - Canon in D Major
Claude DeBussy:  Claire de Lune
Bach - Jesu Joy of man's Desiring
Rachmaninov: Rhapsody on A Theme of Paganini (Variation No.18)


Well, someone certainly is missing from that list.

The Runner Up:   Piano Concerto No. 5 in E-Flat Major, Op. 73 (listen to "Emperor Concerto" here.)    The piano here slays me here Every.Time.

But the winner, and I think many a classical, or any other music lover, will agree.
At times romantic, at times as mournful and haunting as funeral march, closing with all the power of a storm......  Ah....forget it...

...human language cannot adequately describe the timeless masterpiece of the  Moonlight Sonata

Did you see that coming at all?
Need a hint regarding the distracting SNL episode?  (refer back to my ringtone)
Do you have a Forever Song?

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It's 1:32 am as I finish up this post.   ZooZoo has not been a great assistant in my having an early bed time tonight.   How about you:   Night Owl, or Early Bird?