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I am your host Rory: java junkie, word wrangler and also proficient in the art of bum wiping, barf aftermath clean-up and 3 AM laundry.

Another banner weekend passed with the plaque upon me house.
If you are the counting sort.....that makes 3 weeks now.

Someone get me some goat's blood to paint above the door.

I'm sorry --- that is the worst segue ever to a topic.

However......since Left Brain was working the night shift....because Of Course....ANY MAN that would have walked through my door and offered to clean up sh&t and puke from my bathroom after pouring me a big glass of wine:

I would have followed him anywhere.
To the ends of the earth and beyond.

If Left Brain wants to keep me:  get me a Haz Mat suit or bust.

 Tuesday, Feb. 26th, 2013
 "Some Kind of Wonderful"

What's the most romantic thing you've ever done, had done for you, or witnessed?

 Ok, so we've establish already that I am pretty easy to win over.
Heck, just bring me a cup of coffee and I am pretty much yours.
Which I am happy to report, Left Brain still does after almost 10 years of marriage.

He even does his own laundry --- I am a lucky girl; I know.

The little things are important, it's true, but what about on the grander scale?


Can't lie:  that was a pretty awesome moment.   For us ladies anyway.

One of my fave movie moments though is from a movie most of you probably haven't seen.    A sweet little love story about a Neo Nazi young man whose father is in prison and a black girl who thinks Adolf Hitler is reincarnated inside her who meet inside a mental hospital.

Not sure I've sold it well.

Anyway, there is a point where Ned is sharing stories about his life....and she points out that they are all sad.  She wants to hear a happy story.   So....wait for it.....Ned says:

 “You asked me to tell you a happy story. This is it. Me, you, we're my happy story.” —Ned Nelson (Neo Ned).

Yes, it's Jeremy Renner, don't look so surprised!

Le Sigh.    Imagine a man telling you that.
Great moment.   I cried.    I'm woman enough to admit it.

As for most romantic things I've witnessed.....hhhmmmm, that's a hard one.  Since those moments tend to be private between a couple.   You hear about it second hand.

Like for example, how Left Brain had to sneak my diamond engagement ring across some borders into Cuba without me seeing it in his bag, on xray machines and the like.   And how 2 days into a 2 week vacation together he was brave enough to pop the question on a balcony over-looking the ocean.

What the heck would he have done if I said "No"?
Throw himself off the balcony?
And the remaining 12 days?    AWKWARD.

Naturally I said  "yes"; since those are vexing questions and we all know how I hate to be vexed ;)

YouTube is naturally loaded with all other kinds of amazing proposals.   Some guys really raise the bar for the rest of the men.   I do wonder how the rest of the marriage proceeds though.  Do they keep up that level of "awe and wonder"?    Seems exhausting.

Wine and dine and lavish gifts - all great I guess, but it really does come down to actions.   What you do will always speak loudest.

I heard it said that my late Grandma Fisher always ate every meal with the utensils that my grandfather had used in his service during the War.   (any family members lurking -- feel free to chime in on this). 


What a way to honour your man.   To show how thankful you are to have him.   Especially since you could have easily lost him.  But he came home safe and gave you 11 children.    11 amazing people who went to marry some other pretty amazing people and have some really, really amazing children, who had more amazing children...And Oh My Word!!!!  ---  the LEGACY that is my blessed life.
The privilege of their example and the honour to call them all family.

That folks --- is Some Kind of Wonderful!

And if you are lucky enough to have it, well you've got yourself one Happy Story.

Do you have a Happy Story of some kind of wonderful?
Let me get the tissues....... I'd love to hear it.

NEXT WEEK:   Okay, ready to get off this Love Train?   Let's have a fun one then with a little game we'll call Snog, Marry or Throw Off A Cliff.     This be fantasy folks and here be the rules:   Pick a male/female for each category: 1) Kiss, 2) Marry, and 3) Throw off a cliff.    Feel free to mix it up and go crazy.   For example, I will be choosing my favourite Actor and using the characters he has portrayed (and if you don't know who that is, seriously.....are you not paying attention?)   But you can use real people, movie or literary characters......whatever.