Happy Tuesday and Welcome to Coffee Chat!

As some may be aware, I took a little blog break this past weekend.

It was supposed to be a weekend of fun and romance for Left Brain and I, while the kids were watched by my mom. 
And then the sounds every parent doesn't want to hear in the dark of the night (besides an untimely knocking on the door)......gagging.....followed by a mad dash to the bathroom.

But since every parent must learn to look for the Silver Lining:   at least Angel Girl has finally learned to make it to the bathroom instead of puking all over herself and her bed.    Repeatedly.

Also, to a 3 year old woken up in the middle of the night - repeatedly;  puke is really fascinating.
Angel Girl ended up sleeping on the floor of our bedroom.

Cue the romance.

"The Most Romantic Character... Ever?"

In a book, a film, a TV show, a song.....who's The One that carries you away?


Let's get right to the contenders, shall we?

As for movies:   The Man in Black always steals my heart!

 But he's not The One - since pirates are not known for their romantic tendencies.

Really, how could one choose a single leading man from the movies?   There's just so many great love stories, romantic comedies......impossible.

And as much as I love the movies and fan-girl for those moments...... it's not a movie character that ultimately does it for me.

Ah, music?

I dare you to try and get through Tim McGraw's Don't Take The Girl without tearing up.   I couldn't even watch this whole video.

 Ahhh.... Sugar Pie Honey Bunch Slow Dancing Just Me and My Girl, Knock 3 Times and Let's Escape But You Don't Wanna Miss A Thing cuz Here and Now You're Still the One.....and I could drink A Case of You and still be on my feet.....

Again, choosing one: impossible.
Besides, I do believe it has been firmly established on this blog:  I'm an Action girl.

Which leads us to the dusty tomes of yesteryear.
At least for me.
Twilight, 50 Shades, Nicholas Sparks??    Haven't read them.    For real romance, I need to go back in time.   When men were men and not vampires or controlling millionaires who beat you to break you first.

Again, there are so many.
Are you a Heathcliff fan (not at all),  James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser getcha goin (um yes..hello), or is  Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy man above all?  (yep, almost....when played by Colin Firth)

My guilty pleasure is Historical Romance Novels, and within that genre, there is no equal other than the late Kathleen E. Woodiwiss.    Especially since she is widely considered to be the pioneer of the genre.    She only published 12 novels over the duration of her career:  quality over quantity my friends:  Trust.    Her heroines are strong willed woman full of life and determination.   A fitting match for the dashing Errol Flynn like hero.

And on that note......my favourite hero.   The most romantic character is Ruark Beauchamp from her 2nd novel, Shanna.

 Oh  my.....what this man goes through for his "love", the spoiled, childish (at first) Shanna.  

He survives her abandonment after their hasty, bargain marriage (meaning no hanky-panky to seal the deal), then the gallows, the boat trek to the Caribbean where he becomes an indentured servant to her rich daddy -- who Shanna has told that her husband died before the trip, then the pirates when they are taken captive, not too mention numerous suitors clamoring for the beautiful, rich Shanna's hand.....

...... his pride, ego, and back are liberally bruised and battered by the fickle, young heroine, but no torture he endures torments him more than the one night she finally grants him so that the marriage is consummated.    Ouch.

Also.... he spends a good portion of the novel running around the hot climate of the Caribbean island in nothing but breeches.  Naked torso burned by the golden sun....

....yes, I am totally picturing Jeremy Renner in the role of Ruark Beauchamp.

Make it happen Hollywood!

Even Kathleen declares him the best in an interview:

Question: Do you have a favorite hero/heroine among your books?
Kathleen E. Woodiwiss: The heroes and heroines of each of my books have been especially dear to me while I've been in the midst of working on those manuscripts. But if I were to select favorites, perhaps I would have to say that it must be Ruark Beauchamp and Shanna from SHANNA and Cole Latimer and Alaina MacGaren from ASHES IN THE WIND. Of those four, I would say Ruark Beauchamp and Alaina MacGaren. Of those two, Alaina MacGaren. In my opinion she had more appealing aspects in her character than any of my other heroines.

Interestingly enough.....Ashes in the Wind is my 2nd favourite romance novel, and the Alaina character is my favourite Heroine. 

I am the ultimate Fan Girl.


Who gets you all twitterpated?

NEXT WEEK:   Continuing on our month long theme of Romance:   Some Kind Of Wonderful.  What's the most romantic thing you've ever seen, done, or experienced?