Pardon me while my Wordless/Wordy Wednesday appears to have stretched over into late Thursday.

I've been pretty busy......although the stuff I was dealing with is somewhat prettier than previous sh$t I was dealing with.    And that's not a big stretch....just a big pile:

All that white stuff was on my driveway.  

Since my van is not turbo 4x4 whatever # of horsepower....... it'  Blue; I had to remove all that stuff from said driveway.    Into neat piles.

It was fairly warm out today - we are sitting nicely at 2 degrees C (that's about 35 F in American) - so I was very comfortable in stretchy snow pants Left Brain bought me.   A good pair of snow pants is vital to surviving Canada winters.

Although, NOT having them is an excellent way to get out of shoveling the driveway.   
I could not stretch that little deception past Left Brain any longer I guess  :)

Even above freezing, there was no escaping the inevitable:  my cup of coffee turned into an Ice Latte.

Of course I still drank it.    It's still coffee.

In the end though, even if it does take half your morning and one cup of cold coffee, it does look rather pretty placed into perfectly ordered piles:

Yes, you can toboggan done that sucker quite nicely if you are 3 years old and fearless.

However, I did forget one very important thing before I started this strenuous exercise this morning.
And it would probably have been most helpful had I read Brenda's Pondering Prompt first.

Because I done forgot my own advice!

Let's Stretch B$tches!!!!
(if you want to see the very funny Renner/Kimmel interview behind the caption - go here.)

It is very, very important to always, always Stretch first folks!

And how does my home not have a heating pad?'s prompt is: Stretch

Do you stretch when you first get up in the morning? Or do your pants stretch when you put them on? Or do you pull something so tightly that it stretches...

Or how about your kids? Do they stretch out their clothes by chewing on them or tugging at them?

I'd love to know what you think about when you see this word.... leave me a comment, or link up a post or better yet... both!