It is 10:25 pm and I am just beginning to Ponder.

Well, not entirely true.....I've actually been pondering all day long.  

Early morning pondering:    If I lay here another 5 minutes....will Left Brain just give up on me and go get the kids ready for school?   (yes, he will.)

Ahh..but the trade off.    I get to do the Mega-We-Have-Nothing-To-Eat Grocery run.

Mid-morning Pondering at Play Date Cafe:   Is 4 cups of coffee by 11 am too much? 
Do you think?  I think it might be too much?   But I'm not sure.  Normally I'd only have had 2 and save 1 more for late afternoon but I'm really tired today and I have to go get groceries so I really don't think 4 coffees by 11 am is really that big a deal.  Right?   Maybe I'll just grab some of that lemon poppy seed cake to go with this last cup.  Oh and I'll take that yarn to the craft room.  Really - I don't mind.  Just a quick run down the hall.   Off I go!!!

Lunch-Time Pondering:    Should I get the fish and chips or the Club Sandwich? (Jeepers....let's face it:   it doesn't really matter cuz what you really want is the french fries.)
Should I have an Ice Tea?  
Should one who has already had 4 cups of coffee now drink Ice Tea?
(fish and chips and ice tea it is)

Mid Afternoon Pondering:   Did I just sing that song out loud in the grocery aisle?   I think that lady looked at my strangely...... Oh Gosh, what was the song?  Think, think, think!!!   Crap - Please don't let it be MmmmmBop...
.........damn I gotta pee.   Again.
Ohhh!!   Strawberries are 2 for $5.00!!

Late Afternoon Grocery Store Pondering:    OH MY HOLY H$LL.....tomorrow is Left Brain's birthday!!  What the heck am I going to get him?   He works all weekend too....when will have a party?   Should I get a cake tonight?    I'm going to have to stop and get a card.    I totally have to rethink supper now.
*fumbling in purse* Where the heck is that bottle of Tylenol?
Gosh, I need a coffee.

Steak!  And beer!  
Guys dig that.   Perfect.

*text alert*
Hon, pick me up a pair of jeans on the way home...yada yada yada size, length, colour...

Crap! another stop.

*text alert*
And some socks.  2 bags. black.

Agh!!!  *dump all purse contents in grocery aisle*
Where the heck is that Tylenol bottle!!!

*dance of joy upon finding elusive meds*
*frown of frustration upon realizing nothing to wash them down with -- but shrug it off because have to pee again anyway.*

Bathroom pondering:   It's okay.   It's all good.  You're doing great today.   Just toss 2 of those little T pills down and you're right back on track.   *Gag*  I just drank straight from a public washroom tap.  Is this rock bottom?  This might be it.   *Check mirror for signs of nervous breakdown.  GASP!*


Ok, no problem.   Work it out girl.    Just.Work.It.Out.

Stop 1:  buy pants and socks for beloved husband
Stop 2:  buy card and beautiful hair colour
Stop 3:  Liquor Store - Buy All The Booze

Stop 4:  Home.   Present dear hubby with beer, steak and chocolate cake.   Bask in praise from grateful spouse.

Quickly proceed to bathroom with cold beer, iPhone, and hair dye before grateful spouse realizes he is cooking his own birthday dinner.
Lock door (important step I cannot Stress enough.)

More bathroom pondering:   I love this colour!   What's new Pinterest?   Also, beer is so good when it hits your mouth.  

Emerge from bathroom just in time for dinner looking so glorious and refreshed half frozen from BBQing in dead winter love struck hubby greets you with a kiss.

 Steak, beer and chocolate cake ladies......

........Works every time.

Today's prompt is: Stress

Not sure if I was on topic today.   
Just one of those days, ya know?

But I do believe I can safely say we can all learn something regarding how to avoid these kind of days.

Fluorescent lights are evil.   Avoid at all costs.