It's a good thing I write a blog and don't do radio....
 ...another nasty cold bug has descended upon our house, leaving me a sore throat, watery eyes....but no actual cough.
go figure.

Wonder if I can out-run it?

 I am continuing with words that have double meanings. In the coming weeks I will continue with this list... if you have any suggestions... please let me know!

This Week's prompt: Race

It's no wonder that with home, 3 kids, hubby and fun time sucks like Pinterest that the first thing I think of is the Race of Life.   How busy we can all get, and forget what the important things are.   It's easy to get caught up in the game of "To Do".    At least once a week, when Left Brain is off work, I have an "Don't Do" day.

fine, sometimes's 2 days.

I don't want to think about something like "racism".....because that just really pisses me off.    Unless you want a Rory Rants, we'll leave that one alone for today.    It is my hope and dream that my children one day live in a world of a united, peaceful and loving human race.   Tall order I suspect.

No, like our host Brenda, I tend to think about constantly being in race mode.   Like today:  groceries need to be done, I have a Dr's appointment, I am sick, ZooZoo is sick - thus we had to cancel a play date today,  there is laundry in varying stages of completion, and my floors can really use a good wash now that we are done with potty training.   Yes, ick.

And really, I just want to crawl back into bed and watch movies all day.
Really, when would I ever get to do something like that?   
When would Left Brain and I ever get to do that.....together.   Alone. 
(ok, so maybe there wouldn't be much movie watching.....but, still - fun would be had.)

No, we can't just check out.    The race must be run....or nothing gets done.

So, how do you find a way to make the run more fun?   To make the days less stressful and less prone to charging off course?  

In my experience -- because yes, I did use to run and didn't require motivation such as this:

YOU.....I'd chase for 26 miles!

...there's a point in every race when the pain, tiredness and the boredom (or is that just me?) threatens to take over.   You have to find that extra ounce of will to push on through and keep going.   Sometimes, it's no longer about winning.....but simply finishing.    So you grab hold of that determination and Just.Keep.Running.

But you need that moment....that something that makes it all worthwhile.   That thing you are fighting for.

For me, right now, in the midst of business, sickness and errands, it's seeing one of my children push through to success.    Monkey Boy attends AWANA each week and this week they had to make their own wooden car to race.  He and Left Brain worked very had together to make  like "the fastest car ever!".    There was actual motor oil involved people.....I was worried briefly.   

Monkey Boy was so nervous and worried his car would be dead last.   My eldest is his own worse critic and I worried about how the night might end if his creation failed to win a race.   He takes such things very, very hard.

But he and Left Brain persevered together and the result?

The Winning Car!!
Monkey Boy won all the races!   

Seeing the proud look on his face as he came through the door carrying his car and trophy.....had to be just about the best feeling ever.     Sure, it's a simple little race at AWANA.   Something that would probably not even measure in our chaotic adult scope of success.   

But for Monkey Boy it meant everything.    Life is full of many failures, and finding out that you are good at something - that there is even one small thing you can claim victory to --- that is what makes the race so sweet.   That's what gives you the will to Just.Keep.Running.

And for my children to learn that lesson; that's a race I am willing to run.