I am writing this as moans and groans filter up from my basement.
Previously, it was some cheering, a few "on no's!".....and the odd "c'mon!"

But now, silence.
And apparently darkness.

Superbowl #XLVII - not brought to you buy Duracell.

 Baltimore Ravens players, Power Outage, Superbowl

 I don't know how or when it was determined that my home would be the official Watch The Game centre.......but I fear now:   they will never leave.

Also, my house will forever smell like wings, chili...... and feet.

Ducky @batcrapcrazy
@NorthWestMommy whatcha think about 10 Things In My Purse? I'd love to see if everyone else hauls as much crap as I do.

Clarification:  Do I have to pick just 1 Purse?  
(that says a ton Right There. Moving on.)

Exhibit A

there's my cute little purse.....yes, that's the little one.
a little closer:

1.   The Obvious:   Wallet.    Also obvious:  devoid of any actual cash.

2.   The Not So Obvious:   green bic lighter.   Because of course -  I don't smoke.  Ever.

3.   The Please Don't Be Obvious:  1 pair of child's Ariel underwear.   
      I realize this looks very bad, but what can I say......Potty Training is a b&tch.

4.   The Brag Book:  Photo album containing outdated pictures of my children.   Actually....just checked:  there are none of ZooZoo.   #fail

5.   The Dead Tree Files:   gum wrappers,  Christmas receipts, 1 expired coupon for After 8 Mints, 1 expired Sears coupon, and 1 movie receipt:

Why YES - this is a ticket stub for Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters!
6.   It's Not Just Your Purse:  an assortment of "little people" items:  a broken blue crayon, one brown marker, a rock (...the heck?), a pirate figure, a skeleton figure (again....the heck?), a light up Nemo pen, and 1 emergency snack item:  Squiggles Fruit Snack

I have 3 children.   That should end well.

7.   Beauty Essentials:   Now this is just sad really:  1 Maybelline face powder, Burt's Bees tinted lip balm, Elizabeth Arden lip gloss, 1 emery board, 1 hair barrette ....and oh Dear Lord Yes --- that is a scrunchy.  *shamefaced*

8.  Never Leave Home Without:   gum and sunglasses (mine are Maui Jim - LOVE!)
9:  The Hell?   one hot pink button with "Blo Me" on it.   Anyone?

10.  That Shouldn't Be There:  1 jewellery advertisement......which is supposed to be conveniently left on Left Brain's night table before our 10th Anniversary in August:

Hope your reading the post today honey ;)

What's in your bag?

I was cheering for the 49ers, because of course....I know so much about football *side eye*
but I guess it can now officially be said, Congrats to the Baltimore Ravens: Superbowl Champs