Did anyone else have trouble trying to decide what to watch on TV Sunday night?

Once Upon a Time?
Disney was playing the movie "Bolt" --- I love that dog!

Holy decisions!
So I let Left Brain decide.

We watched the movie "Flight" with Denzel Washington.

Hmm. If you refer back, you might notice that was Not in the options list.
This here......is what we observant folks call a pattern people.

Straight from the List Master herself:


First of all, I am pretty easy to shop for.    I actually don't wear a lot of jewellery, except I like funky necklaces, so you don't have to buy me baubles and other shiny things.    My "list" rarely changes from bubble bath and other bathing items (Hello LUSH), chocolates, wine, books, music, coffee, candles, etc.   I don't buy trinkets for myself, but I can appreciate it when someone does buy something interesting for me.

So, got that?
Here's what I've got:

1.   Dust Buster.     Ok, so yes - our house spews dust at an alarming rate:  I definitely needed one.   Let's just I can sum up our romantic life afterward appropriately thus:   It sucked.

2.   Bread Maker.   Again - it's awesome.  I loved having fresh home-made bread every day.   It even made dough and jam.   But again, not romantic.   And honestly:  it just became work.

3.   Kitchen Aid -  Ok I have to say right away - Freaking Fantastic!   I mean one of these is an awesome gift.   Unfortunately I've come to realize ---- I'm just not a baker.   

The irony?
These 3 gifts are now collecting -- you guessed it:  Dust.

So Left Brain learned after those first couple of tries.   The ones that have followed have been stellar.
Which leaves me with an unfinished list?
Nay, Nay.
Don't forget the Minions!   Here's what shall be known as the "Take it Back" gift list:

4.   If the sentence starts with "Mom, I gots something for you...."  here's a hint:  it's always a booger.

5.  Germs.   Very appropriate as I sit here by the fire shivering thanks to their latest dirty, nasty offering.

6.   Hand prints on your hallway walls: Is that poop or chocolate?   Forgetaboutit:  it's a riddle you can't win.   Just get the wipes. Lots of them.

7.   The A.B.C's of food.   As in,  I don't like this supper Mommy - you eat it.   Already.Been.Chewed:  yummy

8.  Crafts.   Oh boy... I'll get some flack for this one, but seriously.....my craft drawer runneth over.   No kidding- I fear our home is a fire hazard thanks to all the crafts 3 children can generate.   Just cook me some pasta - m'kay?

9.   What's in your cup?   Kids love surprises, right?  So why wouldn't mommy want a nice surprise.  At the bottom of her coffee cup.    After you've drank it.    And, was that a crayon?

10.  Sticky kisses.   Look, I love you.   I'd take a bullet for any of you.  twice.   But please, please, please wash your hands and face before you touch me.   And what is that all over your hands.......is that poop or chocolate?

Got anything lately you'd like to return?

P.S.  If you happened to catch any of the shows I mentioned.....ssshhhhh.    I got them on PVR.
Also, Flight was not half bad at all.    Loved John Goodman.  Loved.Him!