In case you are wondering about the outcome of the NYE battle:

Oh Yeah - I sunk his Battleship.   Twice.

That's not a euphemism.

I put out a lovely spread.
(Come on!  really?   I resolve to be less unintentionally naughty sounding in 2013)

french bread, brie cheese, thinly sliced pear, and a vintage red

And of course there were fireworks.
No, no......literal Fireworks.

This is about as close as I would ever want to be.   I was standing in my front doorway, in my pj's and barefoot in the snow......filming.   (hence the shaky video - I am shivering folks!)
You can't see the charred pieces landing on my front lawn and, thankfully covered in snow, roof due to the darkness.

(the video is long because I recorded it for the kids.....the 2nd one is much shorter and still gives the idea of  "unnecessary close up"!)

And the big finale!

Ever been that close to fireworks?   I could actually feel the vibrations in my body as they popped over our house.     It was quite impressive.

Our terrified 3 year old ZooZoo who was awoken from a sound sleep --- she was much less impressed.

Celebration interrupted.
A little forewarning might be nice next time Oh Little Town O' Mine.    Just sayin'.

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